June 14, 2021

The "homeless" star The Focus – The Province

The programFocusfromCanary Televisionthis Thursday broadcasts the special report"Invisible"in which it shows the reality of the homeless in the archipelago: their vulnerability, the reasons that led them to the streets, the aggressions they suffer or the lack of public resources to welcome them.

The program team goes out to give voice to those who suffer from homelessness and know their profile: migrants in an irregular situation without access to the labor market, drug addicts, unemployed, without family and people with some type of disability.

Further,the report shows the efforts of the oenegésto attend and give a second chance to those affected. They offer food on the street and in the dining rooms, provide shelter and also training in occupational workshops to reintegrate them into society.

Focusaddresses in the debate the saturation of hostels whose capacity is below the necessary places required by the number of "homeless" who still spend the night on the streets of the islands as well as solutions that have practiced other countries such as Finland where they have been able to eradicate this situation.

On the other hand, and in addition to the last political hour to form a new government in Spain, El Enfoque analyzes the first steps of theCanary Governmentto implant thecitizen incomewhich establishes the new Statute of Autonomy as a formula to alleviate the high rate of social exclusion in the islands.

The program will also address the reality of other Canaries: the residents of the Peninsula who, once again, during the holiday season, face again the rising cost of airline tickets to be able to spend a few days with their families.


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