May 11, 2021

The hit of ‘freedom’ – La Provincia

Poster of & # 039; Freedom & # 039 ;.

‘Freedom’ poster.

Urbizu gave himself the pleasure of releasing ‘Freedom’, a Serie author, with a double version. On the one hand, as it was conceived, in five episodes, in Movistar. Simultaneously, in 236 cinemas, distributed by A Contracorriente.

The hit has been resounding. Libertad has not even been among the ten most viewed films of the weekend on the Spanish billboard. And it will not have been because of advertising, marketing and the media playing in favor of the work. The Urbizu neowestern has been related to John Ford himself. Since there will be no peace for the wicked, ten years ago, it did not premiere in theaters. The director wanted to offer his audience the possibility of experiencing his poetics on the big screen in an experiential way. But the 236 screens did not find their audience.

But what happened in its television premiere? None of its chapters, premiered at # 0 on Friday night, managed to reach 40,000 viewers. We do not know the number of viewings on demand.

Libertad is by no means a cheap series. Author fictions are not. That is why we wonder how long they will continue to be produced if there is no public to support them. The version of Crematorio, produced by Canal +, directed by Jorge Sánchez Cabezudo, marked a change of stage in Spanish fiction. That premiere is now ten years old. The group’s reconversion into Movistar notably increased the author series, promoted by Domingo Corral, so that there is no prestigious director without his commission. Amenábar will premiere hers in the fall.

But how long will this golden age of auteur fiction last? Will the bubble ever burst? Will we go back to the way we were before Crematorium? Time will tell.


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