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The history of the 'Armats de Mataró'

La historia de los ‘Armats de Mataró’

On Saturday, April 6 at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, in the dels Dolors chapel of the Basilica of Sta. Maria de Mataró, the
Armats de Mataró
they will present the book: 'Armats de Mataró 1705 until 2017'. This is a historical summary of the Entity since 1705 in which the first written reference is documented, and refer to some so-called armats, up to the current times of s. XXI.

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It has been an extensive research work by the local historian, Héctor López, who based on the documentary collection of the Museum File of Santa María, as well as the Regional Archive of the Maresme and the Diocesan Archive of Barcelona among others, has been able to deepen in the farthest epochs of the Armats of Mataró; to then add the rest of available documentation of the most current times.

Parades of the Armats of Mataró

Parades of the Armats of Mataró
(Aj. Mataró)

The presentation will be by the same author, Héctor López, with an initial prologue by the historian Nicolau Guanyabens. The act, which will be conducted by the president of the Armata de Mataró M. Joan Rovira, will be accompanied by some melodies and musical instruments of the last century of the Modern age. This will bring a little closer to those early s. XVIII in which the entity was born under the protection of the Brotherhood of the Minerva.

Book of the history of the Armats of Mataró

Book of the history of the Armats of Mataró

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