The history of gender violence will be known without the victim having to report it previously

The history of gender violence will be known without the victim having to report it previously

The Ministry of Equality is studying whether victims of sexist violence can be informed of the background of their aggressors in cases such as the one registered on Tuesday in Torremolinos (Málaga), that is, without the victim having to file a complaint in advance. The government delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, explained yesterday that the woman murdered in Malaga this Wednesday has not yet been added to the official statistics because she remains under investigation by the security forces and bodies.

However, it has confirmed that the murdered woman had been in the Viogén system as a victim of a previous partner, while her now alleged murderer was also in the system for violence in previous relationships.

Rosell pointed out that, although the Interior has already implemented reporting these events to victims who have denounced an alleged aggressor with a prior record, doing so before a complaint is made, as is the case in Malaga, is a "very novel" situation that It has to be studied legally.

In his opinion, it would be a "very important" step for women who "have not taken the step of reporting" to know the background of their aggressor, especially, as he has indicated, in the cases of "persistent aggressors." It's information a victim would appreciate having."

If this case is confirmed, there would be four women murdered so far in May 2023. In May of last year there were 6 victims.

Waiting for the final data of this month, Rosell reported that in March and April the fatalities of gender violence have decreased compared to the previous year. Thus, in March 2023 two crimes were recorded macho, compared to five in the same month in 2022; while in April there were four women murdered, compared to the five that went up to the statistics a year earlier. Of the eight fatalities as a result of this scourge so far this year, according to Rosell, none had filed a prior complaint.

In the same way, it has reported the number of minors orphaned by this scourge recorded in March (one) and in April (2), as well as the global figures, which add up to 18 orphans in 2023 due to gender violence and 395 since they were recorded. data, 2013.

In the case of Torremolinos, more than fifty residents participated yesterday in a silent rally in front of the City Hall in rejection of the death of Paula, 28, who was stabbed this Wednesday, allegedly by her 45-year-old partner, arrested hours later. . Paula had three children, the youngest with the alleged murderer.

Víctor Molina, manager of the América bar where the victim and the alleged aggressor worked, explained to the journalists during the concentration that he was unaware that the man, who had been fired while she was still in his position, had a conviction for mistreatment since if he had known I would have acted otherwise.

The detainee, of Italian nationality, would have used a knife that had disappeared from the bar in his action. Molina has explained that in recent days he tried not to see each other by checking the attitude of the man, whom he defines as "two people, he had two faces", very friendly at times and different at others.