The Hispano-American Festival of Writers of La Palma is postponed without a date

Scheduled for next Monday, October 4 and until Saturday, October 9, with the presence of 20 Mexican writers representing Mexico, the guest country, the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez, and Spanish and Spanish authors from the Canary Islands. the Hispano-American Writers Festival is postponed without a date of celebration due to the difficult situation faced by the citizens of Los Llanos de Aridane, its headquarters, and the entire affected area, and in solidarity with the people who are suffering the catastrophic consequences of this eruption.

The organization of the festival had suspended the narration of its program in the press from the moment of the eruption, dedicating on its social networks special attention to the information of the account “donation affected volcano La Palma” of the Los Llanos de Aridane City Council, and remained, as far as possible, in contact with the administrations that finance the festival, waiting for the events to shift towards the need to go ahead with their celebration, or not.

Finding itself practically organized in the absence of the final execution phase, the organization has considered in these few days after the eruption all kinds of alternatives, including the one that the festival could serve to lend a hand, to the extent of its possibilities, through the solidarity participation of the writers and the broadcast of the acts, in a similar way as journalists who have arrived from outside the island are doing at the moment, and raising funds for the immediate needs of the affected people .

Many writers have been expressing, since the Sunday of the eruption, their desire to go to the festival and be of help, in a gesture that honors them and that the festival appreciates and wishes to highlight. Finally, everyone’s state of mind, the harsh reality of the catastrophe and the necessary immediate attention to the needs of the evicted are imposed and advise an undated postponement, for now, of celebration.

The organization regrets the setback that this entails for those who had planned trips from outside the island to attend the festival, as well as the inconvenience that this postponement has caused for those who had already reserved their seats at the events, and wants to expressly express its solidarity with those affected of the volcanic eruption, among which are people who regularly collaborate with the festival, already forming an indispensable part of the family of Hispano-American Writers.

In addition, the organization wishes to expressly thank all the support received from the Los Llanos de Aridane City Council, the Island Council of La Palma, the ICDC of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Cervantes Institute, the General Directorate of Books and Reading Promotion, the University of Guadalajara Foundation, the magazine Granta in Spanish, the Revista de Occidente and the Fundación Ortega y Gasset – Gregorio Marañón, the ASALE, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, the AMEXCID, the Instituto de Cultura de México en España, the Mexican communication Connection, Cit Tedote, Hacienda de Abajo, Hacienda San Jorge, Ediciones La Palma, Ler bookstore, El Student bookstore, María Nieves Acosta public library, YourEvent and Mabel Joyeros companies. Also to the education centers that collaborate with the festival: IES Eusebio Barreto Lorenzo, IES José María Pérez Pulido, Colegio Sagrada Familia Nazaret de Los Llanos de Aridane, Juan XXIII de Tazacorte, IES Las Breñas, IES Villa de Mazo, IES Alonso Pérez Díaz, IES El Paso, IES Puntagorda, CEO Tijarafe and the Manolo Blahnik Art School. To indispensable collaborators such as RTVE and its program Canarias mediodía, led by Amado González, the Cope La Mañana program on La Palma, led by Miguel Ángel San Blas, and the Ser La Palma program, led by Eduardo Cabrera, Hoy por hoy Canarias . And to independent professionals collaborating for the realization of this edition, such as David, Tomás, Laura, Miguel, Felipe, Luis, as well as so many media from the Canary Islands, the peninsula and Mexico that have spread the program of the Hispano-American Festival of Writers .

Finally, the organization would like to express its special thanks and express the collaboration of the writers who have accepted the invitation to participate this year: Sergio Ramírez, Gonzalo Celorio, Alberto Ruy Sánchez, Margarita de Orellana, Hernán Lara Zavala, David Toscana, Mónica Lavín , Rosa Beltrán, Aurelio Major, Mateo García Elizondo, Ana García Bergua, Elmer Mendoza, Jorge F. Hernández, Antonio Ortuño, Myriam Moscona, Carmen Boullosa, Socorro Venegas, Cristina Rivera Garza, Enrique Serna, Sealtiel Alatriste, Andrea Chapela, Rubén Gallo , María Dueñas, Elsa López, Anelio Rodríguez Concepción, Yolanda Arencibia, Francisco Javier Pérez, Andrés Sánchez Robayna, Blanca Hernández Quintana, Federico J. Silva, and other participants or collaborators in the programming or in its dissemination, such as Santiago Gil, Sarah Kuzmizc , Nora Navarro, Mónica Uriel and Daniel Mordzinski.


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