The Hindustani community abides by the quarantine and asks for more vaccination

The Official State Gazette (BOE) collects since yesterday an Order from the Ministry of Health that establishes the quarantine conditions that people arriving by plane from any airport in the Republic of India to the Canary Islands or the Peninsula, with or without intermediate stopovers. And it is that the country has become the global epicenter of the pandemic, where two mutations have been detected in the same strain of Covid-19. "The health authorities are the ones who can best decide what is the most appropriate, but a distinction should be made between those who live here and those who do not, when imposing quarantine measures," says Gandhi Chellarán, a member of the community Hindu of the Islands.

"There should be a distinction between those of us who live here and those who do not," says Gandhi Chelllarán.

According to him, he has spent his whole life in Gran Canaria, but his in-laws live in the Asian country, where his wife often travels. “It is a very long journey and we should have more facilities. In fact, I think there should be priority to receive the vaccine, both for those who want to go and for those who want to come ", adds Chellarán, who also claims to live" with concern "from a distance, the situation that India is going through.

Based on the statements made by the president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination (AEV), Amós García Rojas, to Medical Redaction, the new variant of India "is worrying", not only because of the damage it is causing in the country, but because of "how it could affect the spread of this strain." Given this, he highlighted the need to inoculate the most vulnerable nations. "We can not be vaccinating well in some countries and leave others forgotten by the hand of God," said the doctor to the same medium.

García Rojas shows concern about the spread of the new strain

The Ministerial Order will take effect from midnight on May 1, for an initial period of 14 calendar days, and may be extended if the circumstances that motivate it are maintained. Thus, travelers must be quarantined for the ten days following their arrival, or during their entire stay in Spain if this is less than the period contemplated. However, the quarantine may end earlier, if on the seventh day the person undergoes a diagnostic test for acute infection and scores a negative result for the condition.


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