July 16, 2020

The highest-paid footballers … before the coronavirus

The podium of the first three does not change, according to France Football magazine, but the stoppage of the economy can vary everything

France Football magazine has estimated how much the great soccer players on the planet charge between salary and advertising revenue. And they remain the same. Soccer does not change. Messi, Cristiano Ronadl and Neymar. The Argentine, “earn 358,000 euros per … day!” Says the French magazine.

In total, he calculates that the Barcelona footballer gets to win one 131 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo would be a tad behind with 118 million euros, it would increase last year’s by five and the third, Neymar, is down 100: 95 million, four and a half more than a year ago. «Since 2013, no player other than Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar has been able to get on the podium. Those three have created an abysmal difference with the others », says the magazine.

Meanwhile, in the benches the leader is Simeone, who enters about 40, 5 million euros, Conte, at Inter, takes 30 and Pep Guardiola reaches 27.

However, these figures may be put on hold because the coronavirus has broken any forecast and is going to lower profits for everyone, including footballers. In Barcelona they are already looking for a way to get footballers to lower their wages because it is impossible, in these circumstances, without games, to cover the budget.

The Catalan club wants to convince its footballers, Messi among them, that there is no other choice but to give up part of their high wages so as not to cross red lines.

In Italy the same thing is happening, the clubs are looking for a way for the stars to lower their salaries. Ronaldo with 31 million chip is the best paid of the championship.


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