The High Board of Casa América supports the candidacy of Borja Cabezón unanimously

The High Board of Casa América has unanimously endorsed the candidacy Borja Cabezón, former PSOE deputy of the Madrid Assembly, as the new general director of the institution, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed him. The appointment is not yet a fact because it has yet to be endorsed by the Madrid City Council and the Community, which have expressed some reluctance that Cabezón takes over the general management of Casa América.

The PSOE deputy in the Madrid Assembly Borja Cabezón leaves his seat and is emerging as the new director of Casa América

The PSOE deputy in the Madrid Assembly Borja Cabezón leaves his seat and is emerging as the new director of Casa América

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This Tuesday at noon the High Board of Trustees met, made up of companies such as Telefónica, Iberdrola, BBVA, Naturgy, among others. Sources present at the meeting affirm that the support for Cabezón has been unanimous on the part of the companies that have expressed their desire that the new CEO take office before December 31. During the session, he was also explicitly supported by the outgoing general manager who has indicated the urgent need to manage the economic situation of the House with new leadership, explain these same sources.

In the meeting of the board of trustees they have also had the express support of people with international prestige such as Enrique V. Iglesias, former president of the Inter-American Development Bank. Also several former presidents of the Government of Spain have expressed their support considering that Cabezón has sufficient training and an accredited professional career linked to Latin America.

For Cabezón to be elected, the Community of Madrid and the City Council of the capital have yet to give the go-ahead, which until now have shown reluctance to the appointment for having been a deputy in the Madrid Assembly for the PSOE, a position of which the Madrid political scientist He has already submitted his resignation.

The appointment for this position has always been resolved in consensus with the Community and the City Council of the capital, initially supporting the candidacy of Foreign Affairs. It is the Ministry that mostly finances the institution with 1.4 million euros for the institution –92% of the budget– and therefore it is up to the candidate to propose. The Community of Madrid contributes less than 60,000 euros and the City Council of the capital slightly less than 50,000, thus completing the budget.

The 40-year-old political scientist from Madrid has the express support of the Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, as well as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his cabinet director Iván Redondo, as this newspaper has learned. From Moncloa, Cabezón stands out for his extensive experience in Latin America as well as his “deep knowledge of American society”, before he was appointed Director General of National Affairs in Sánchez’s first term.


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