May 14, 2021

'The hidden city', candidate for the Feroz as best documentary – La Provincia

The hidden city, from Tenerife director Víctor Moreno is a candidate for the Feroz Award for Best Documentary, which will be awarded by the Association of Cinematographic Press of Spain on January 16, 2020 at the City of Alcobendas Auditorium Theater. The third feature film of Tenerife has had a notable career in festivals, with recognitions in the Official Sections of the 15th edition of the Seville European Film Festival – where he won the Best Photography Award for José Alayón – and the prestigious IDFA.

Richard Leacock Award for Best Feature Film of the SectionCanary CinemaIn the 19th edition of the Las Palmas International Film Festival, in addition, the film has participated in the D'A Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​within the SectionA collective impulse; He has competed in the 16 edition of DocumentaMadrid, within the International Leakage Competition and has been screened in the SectionMade in Spainof the 67th edition of the San Sebastián Festival. Similarly, the tape was received with special interest in the US market.

The hidden city will have to compete in the modality of Best Documentary in the Feroz to the equally nominated filmsPicture,by Andrés Sanz;The fourth kingdom The kingdom of plastics, by Álex Lora and Adán Aliaga;January, from Ione Athena; andZumiriki, from Oskar Alegría.

Along with this category, the organization of the Feroz 2020 Awards announced the so-called Special Prize, which recognizes a film that would have deserved better luck in its commercial career.

In this edition, the nominated titles are:Boiby Jorge M. Fontana;The bandby Roberto Bueso;The virgin of Augustby Jonás Trueba;Black eyes,by Marta Lallana and Ivet Castelo; andDeaf,by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas.

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