Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The 'hesitate' to Jenni with the red envelope of 'MYHYV'

El ‘vacile’ a Jenni con el sobre rojo de ‘MYHYV’

Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV)
ends on Tuesday the search for a new tronista for the armchair of love that Manu has left empty. After visiting some other hand between the suitors of Silvia has fallen to the Jenny. One of your guys is the chosen one and this will not do anything funny.

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"This for Jenni is being very clarifying," argue Toñi Moreno, the host of the dating show on the mornings of Four, to see how the boys on the side of the tronista are accepting -or not rejecting- occupying a throne. "That's how I feel, hesitated", she will point totally hurt.

Jenni feels hesitant

And it is not for less, since this girl will have to live with the chosen suitor and will be transformed from conqueror to conquered. Hereinafter by The house of the tronistas will begin to pass girls who will fight for their love when until nothing was he who visited her from time to time in search of Jenni.

This will affect her for several reasons. The first, by the name of the chosen one; the second, by the reaction of the rest of the boys before the envelope. "So you realize that it is not for youi ", will remember Jenni for more inri. And it's true. One of his suitors will no longer occupy his side chair to be crowned as a tronista of MYHYV. Will Jenni be able to handle it?

Toñi Moreno hands over the red envelope to MYHYV.

Toñi Moreno hands over the red envelope to MYHYV.

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