The heroic defense of the HPS San Silvestre de Engelmann – The Province

The heroic defense of the HPS San Silvestre de Engelmann - The Province

"I'm going to do the race practically without training, it makes me very angry to have been injured." This is how forceful is the defender of the HPS San Silvestre 2017 women's title, Kerstin Engelmann-Pilger, about her options to revalidate the twist in this year's edition. Still, this superatleta recalls that last season also came just to the Christmas appointment due to the problems that weigh on her Achilles tendon since two years ago, and she managed to be the first woman to cross the finish line with a time of 23 minutes in which it was its premiere in the circuit of the most solidary race of the year.

"I've been training for a few weeks, my Achilles tendon was very inflamed and I could not exercise without suffering pain," explains Engelmann about an injury he had to live with last season, but that did not stop him from achieving great goals like the feminine triumph in the half marathon of Traiña Trail Spar Mogán or the own first position that will defend with nails and teeth in the race of end of year.

As for the preparation to which the athlete had to adapt to maintain the physical condition and take care of the discomfort in the heel, she has dedicated her time to swimming, realizing distances that allow her to continue in an optimal state, since the exercise in the pool does not hit too much with that area of ​​the body. In addition, he has also been training on the bicycle by different routes of Gran Canaria.

Now, with the challenge of reissuing the San Silvestre title on the horizon, the German athlete, settled on the island since 2013, is increasing the volume of continuous race training. During the past week he was burning shoes in the area of ​​Santa Brígida and during the present he was seen flying through the Avenida Marítima to the La Laja beach area. "I'm starting to do 3,000 meters, which is really nothing, but I have to go little by little to get used to running again," explains San Silvestre HPS title defender.

It is thus immersed in a set-up to try the assault of the race of the six kilometers of December 31, a distance that considers that to compete is "more demanding than the long because you have to employ yourself butt in a short time ", although it does not take away the desire to be in charge of 'his' career. "I'm going to try everything," he emphasizes.

From what he makes clear of HPS San Silvestre, Engelmann can get an idea of ​​what may be required ahead of the 2019 season, in which he hopes to repeat the successes of which he is about to finish and in which he excelled in the Lagar Trail of 30 kilometers of Agüimes, where it finished in the eighth place (and first female); emulate the fourteenth square of the extreme circular average of Moya (24 kilometers) and that also supposed him to be the first woman to pass through the finish line in the northern municipality, or to become part of the Canarian national team to return to the Championship of Trail Spain and improve the tenth place he got this year in the 42 kilometers.

Sample of their competitive mentality, is not limited to the female classification, because as the German says, "I really have no idea of ​​the girls who will compete because I focus on the top positions", and makes it clear that there are no physical limits for this superatleta. "I'm not that far away from them, right?" A woman who, in addition to overcoming the barrier of injuries, seeks to tear down the gender.


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