April 14, 2021

The Herbalife wins, likes and goes back to the old ways – La Provincia

The Herbalife wins, likes and goes back to the old ways - La Provincia

If at Herbalife will be analyzed only the first 36 minutes of yesterday's game could be talking about a full-fledged exhibition, the return of caviar times in the Gran Canaria Arena, of any synonym referred to the showtime, but in the last four minutes, the insular group insisted on demonstrating that it is capable of disconnecting itself completely from the matches and dislodging itself from the level demanded by the Euroleague.

The Buducnost, a team that barely put up resistance until the moment in which the Granca put the red carpet and endorsed a partial 0-15 to get to only six points difference when they were 90 seconds to the conclusion. They managed to close the match yellow thanks to two free throws Radicevic, the best of the night -12 points and 11 assists-, which cut the Montenegrin points bleeding and raised Herbalife's European victories to five.

Víctor García's magic wand, no matter how hard the new Claretian technician tried to explain that he lacked it on the day of his presentation, has been agitated. The image of the insular template is totally contrary to the one that showed with Salva Maldonado in front. The players who previously seemed to have lost the quality they showed last season, have returned to exhibit on the track of Seven Palms. A parquet, which by the way, came back to recover after the slippery episodes and left better feelings of grip than in the beginning of the course.

This change of attitude in the insular staff, not only individual but in terms of collective performance, has allowed to chain two consecutive victories in the Euroleague after the premiere of Garcia on the bench (adds three with the last one with Maldonado against Darussafaka).

Orchestra tuned

Already before the start of the match, the yellow fans gave themselves to the continental cause. During the presentation of the players and especially with Víctor García, who received a great ovation.

With the right climate and with the shadow of the beating received in Liga Endesa with the Real Madrid planning, the island began the dispute with the intention of controlling the pace of the game, without rapid transitions.

With Radicevic in charge of the orchestra and after the entrance of Pasecniks to the track for a Balvin that took a reprimand of Garcia in the early stages of the contest, the Granca was unleashed in attack to conclude the initial ten minutes with a partial 9-2 to leave the 26-20 in the light thanks to 7 points of the Latvian pivot and the four assists of the Serbian base.

The next ten minutes served to bring to the memory of the 'Yellow Tide' the moments of ecstasy to which he was accustomed and which until last night he had not been able to enjoy this season.

The yellows opened with a partial 30-14 on the scoreboard in the second quarter. Festival of the insular gunners who began to bomb the Montenegrin ring from beyond the arch. Eriksson took his rifle and hit three triples in a row, joined by another from Báez and one more from Evans. Precisely the American, with an action of 2 + 1 put the 53-30 in the minute 19 and the audience cheered him "Evans stay, Evans stay!", Referring to the possible departure of the Chesapeake forward, which could materialize in the next hours.

Another one of the main actors of yesterday was Ondrej Balvin, who has returned to show his better version, and that after the dismissal of Maldonado it is noticed to him better face. Thirteen points and 7 rebounds for the Czech, in addition to setting fire to the public of the Arena with the alley-oops that he received from the couple of island bases. Between Oliver and Radicevic gave 20 basket passes.

Everything was a party until the 36th minute, when the Granca enjoyed an income of 21 points (91-70) and decided to miss it in the last moments to have to close the game with the free throws of Radicevic and Rabaseda.


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