The Herbalife falls with its head high - The Province

The Herbalife falls with its head high - The Province

Traveled the Herbalife to Madrid with nothing to lose and much to gain. With the feeling that the meeting yesterday was almost a procedure, because the difference between the two teams psychic are at the antipodes. In such a situation, any Claretian asset would have signed the situation that was reached two minutes after the conclusion of the meeting, when Pasecniks had in his hands a hook that would have put the difference in the score to five points and thus bring the nervousness to the white team in what would have become a partial 2-9 in favor of the yellows. The hoop spit the ball and in a blink of an eye the Real Madrid struck the final stab at the Granca and put the 89-76 in the light of the Wizink Center.

Return the Herbalife to the Island with a small good taste of mouth after having faced the all-European champion. Of that in spite of adding a new defeat - the seventh in eight parties -, he knows that of playing as he did yesterday in the old Palace of the sports of Madrid, can compete in the Euroleague with the biggest and that their league situation would change drastically, because it must leave the quagmire in which it is in the domestic classification (antepenultimate).

The inertia of the game deployed against the current European champion should serve to win tomorrow to Bayern Munich in the Gran Canaria Arena (8.30 pm, Movistar) and especially to do it in front of Estudiantes next Saturday. This defeat can be useful for the insular group to reap immediate victories.

From the initial jump the Herbalife played without complexes. To face the European champion, the team that does not lose a continental game since they fell against Panathinaikos in the quarterfinals of last season, back in April, did not intimidate the island players, who watched from one to the other to the ogre of the competition during the first ten minutes of the match and closed the first quarter in front on the score 22-28.

Philosophy Maldonado

The bulging marker was the result of a yellow festival from the triple line. Both teams were challenged to add points from the line of 6.75 and Gran Canaria was the most benefited. The insulars, who came to average only seven hits of three per game in Europe, converted six of their eight attempts in the first quarter to raise the amount of points to 28, by 22 of Real Madrid, thanks to a single distant launch of Campazzo.

The Madridistas worked in the area to be able to keep up with those of Maldonado, especially thanks to its high rotation, in which the participation of Taylor in the white quintet allows the Swedish forward to be attentive to the counterattack that launches the Granca and remains attentive to the off-hook man who usually leaves yellows in defense to run track.

In those first swings in the Real Madrid parquet stood a man above all. DJ Strawberry I saw the hoop as a pool and put everything I threw. Three triples, a field goal and two free throws led him to 13 points and brought Pablo Laso head, who saw how his men had to stop with continuous failures. Three received Strawberry in his magic room.

He continued the streak in the island's outer throw during the second quarter. Rabaseda, Hannah, Baez... everyone saw their opportunity to add points to the Claretian score.

With a single but, woke up the white beast. The showtime Real Madrid started and the three-pointers of the European champion began to arrive as well. Concentrated on a man who is not curing a good start to the season, the Slovenian Klemen Prepelic, but to which yesterday it seemed that Sergio Llull's absence helped him to take his suit of metepuntos and nailing nine in less than five minutes in the second quarter.

He jammed the Granca when he approached the edge of the break and was four minutes without scoring points until Eriksson with his first basket cut a partial 9-0 of Real Madrid and put the 46-43 in the light before Randolph closed the first half with a free kick in his favor and both teams went to the dressing room with a difference of three points.

Meanwhile, Radicevic, which he re-branded yesterday with the Herbalife shirt after his departure in the summer market, kept Campazzo at bay, one of the most outstanding of Madrid in Europe. If what Gran Canaria needs is to increase its defensive rigor, the Serbian base will surely contribute its claw and physical energy to control the great bases of Europe when it is needed in the intersemanal competition.

Balkan discipline, the same as Chris would do well Evans, which yesterday gave him once again to make war on his own and that forced to Albert Oliver to take the board and show him the movements he must make in the game system of Maldonado. Sample of a transitory recycling that is experiencing the Catalan base and that could soon lead him to exercise as a trainer.

The intimidator of Maio

In the resumption began the Granca with four points to equal the score, the last time it would in the game, because Real Madrid pressed the accelerator in defense, as had indicated the white captain Felipe Reyes in the interview at the foot of the field to Movistar: "We know that the way to win this game is to annul them in attack".

And there is no better defensive bulwark in the Old Continent than Edy Tavares. The one of Maio affects in such a way in the rival attacks that sometimes it does not even need to unfold its scope to intercede in the decisions of the players that it has in front. His simple presence is a conditioner and yesterday he showed it in the best way when only with the look, without having to take off the shoes from the floor, made Balvin fell with the ball held between his hands when he was going to throw from the low post and committed doubles ... because the memory of the Czech had to come at that time the four veneers that had placed the Cape Verde to the yellow interiors. A Show.

The defense prevailed in the third quarter in both teams, first the turn was the Madrid during the equator thereof, which served to endorse a partial 13-0 at minute 27, and in the last three, with the entry of Rabaseda to track and harass the Real Madrid, the Granca could return the coin and chain a partial 2-10 and enter the last episode with five points of difference (62-57).

Real Madrid made the rubber with the marker, while maintaining control of it, dosing its energies. If Báez put a three-pointer seven minutes from the end and placed four, Madrid answered with a partial 9-0 and seemed to leave the game sentenced; however the insulars did not kneel the knee and with a flash of energy that injected Paulí on the field, they came within two minutes of the conclusion, with a partial in favor of Herbalife 5-11, at that moment Pasecniks and his hook to stay at five points of difference that everyone would have signed before the start of the match.

The Latvian tried to pull the cart desperately, but he rushed and several failures in a row allowed Real Madrid to increase the advantage on the scoreboard and make it look like a different movie than the one lived on the track.


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