The hell of the fair, silent for the autistic | Society

The hell of the fair, silent for the autistic | Society

And suddenly, there will be silence. The noise, omnipresent actor at the April Fair in Seville, will take a break this spring for four hours in the attractions of this party, so that autistic children can enjoy them without feeling afraid or get nervous. The initiative, which aims to impose silence and eliminate strident lights during an afternoon at the Fair, breaks molds in the Andalusian capital because it is the first time that is taken into account this collective, traditionally forgotten by the Administrations and victims of incomprehension. These minors will access the so-called street of Hell, where are the attractions and the highest concentration of decibels of the fairground, higher and deafening even than that of some booths.

The City Council of Seville will implement these four noise-free hours for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) after the request of the Aspergen-TEA Association Sevilla, entity that groups 400 families with members with this neuronal condition. "It is a matter of will, awareness and making the parties accessible to other people, our children want to go to the Fair and interact, but whenever they go they become overwhelmed and blocked because they can not stand the sensory overload that is there. There will be many more people, the street of Hell has its name right, it is a sensory hell, you enter there and you can not talk anymore, "says Rafael Jorreto, president of this association. The groups estimate that there are more than 40,000 people with ASD in Andalusia.

"Noises like music at a high volume can be a real torture for a person with autism, as it can cause anxiety crises, blockages, panic attacks and even pain," stressed Jorreto, president of this association. "Four hours without noise does not bother anyone (…) It has not cost much, first we sent a letter before Christmas to Seville City Council and then we shared it on, now we have 80,000 signatures," he explains.

Spain signed in 2007 the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a treaty protected by the UN but whose translation into everyday reality depends on the sensitivity of politicians and administrations, often impervious to requests from groups for the inclusion of these people.

In this way, the extreme sensitivity of these people to the lights, sounds or sounds with a very high volume, such as music or sirens of the attractions, has made this request to be attended in the Andalusian capital. During these four hours, the entrepreneurs of the attractions will lower the volume of the almost 400 attractions, included in the Association of Fair Businessmen of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla.

"It is a unique initiative in Spain, we want this party to be more accessible and families with children and adults with this type of disorders can go for a day to enjoy the attractions with complete peace of mind to make the Fair an inclusive party" , emphasized the security delegate of the Sevillian Consistory, Juan Carlos Cabrera. This measure is added in Seville to the installation of an attraction for people with reduced mobility, a wheel of 30 meters and 24 cabins, completely accessible, and which will also be released this year at the next Feria de Abril.


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