March 7, 2021

The heat wave subsides after a June with several records of maximum values

The heat wave subsides after a June with several records of maximum values

After a month of June with several records for temperatures, the heat wave of these days remits with a July start that will give a respite with maximum values ​​that will lower this Monday more than 10 degrees in the northern third, but that will continue to be very high in large areas of the country.

This was advanced by Efe the spokesman of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Ruben del Campo, after reporting that "the heat wave remits but we can not lose sight that the maximum will remain high, with forecasts of more than 35 degrees in the northeast and points of the central and southern peninsular and the Balearic Islands, at least until Friday. "

As of that date, the tendency is for temperatures to rise again in all regions except in the Cantabrian that could fall, with an upturn that could place thermometers in northeast areas that day around 40 degrees.

In his opinion, it is still too early to "predict" if, at the end of this week, the hypothetical arrival of a new wave of heat could occur because that requires a very specific extent affected and a duration and intensity of temperatures that can not yet be assessed. .

In the next few days there will be "swings" in the temperatures according to the zones, said the spokesman of the Aemet, noting that the Centennial observatory of Retiro in Madrid registered on June 28 the hottest day since 1920 with a maximum of 40, 7 degrees, after exceeding the record of 2012 by one tenth.

This Monday six communities, especially Aragon and Catalonia with an orange risk or an important level in the face of the forecast of temperatures of up to 39 degrees in these regions, continue to be warned by heat.

Also in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid and the Balearic Islands is still very hot Monday, although slightly less than in the previous communities with an intermediate level of risk or yellow, also by heavy storms.

Tomorrow, the forecast is that the heat will continue to drop until three communities (Aragon, Balearic Islands and Catalonia) under yellow alert or intermediate level by temperatures of up to 36 degrees and storms.

The last two days of June – last weekend – were respectively the hottest in the reference period 1981-2010, the highest values ​​of the entire series of the season and annual records for the entire series.

Yesterday the maximum reached almost 43 degrees in Zaragoza and slightly exceeded 42 in Teruel, Lleida and Navarra, compared to minimums whose lowest values ​​were recorded in Las Palmas (Vega de San Mateo) with 5.5 degrees, and in Bizkaia ( Punta Galea), with 6.4 degrees.

This Monday in Huesca are expected up to 39 degrees and also in Teruel in the area of ​​lower Aragon, as well as in Zaragoza and Lleida.

Very high temperatures are also expected in Madrid, with Monday highs of up to 37 degrees in addition to the highest minimum (24).

In Mallorca the thermometers could reach 38 degrees, while in Albacete and Cuenca, 37; and in Málaga, Guadalajara and Menorca at 36 degrees.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, in Madrid the weather will be somewhat cooler, with 35 degrees, while in Toledo, Lleida, Ciudad Real will be expected at 37, and in Zaragoza, 36. On the contrary, the lowest maximums will probably be in San Sebastián and Oviedo, with 21, and in Santander and A coruña, 22.

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