The Heat humiliate the Celtics and are one victory away from the Finals (128-102)

The Heat humiliate the Celtics and are one victory away from the Finals (128-102)

The big media, the League itself, fans from all over the country... In the United States, who else dreamed of a Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers final? after two of the great classics of the NBA slipped into their respective Conference finals. Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets are one victory away from spoiling the dream final in the USA. The Heat swept the Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Finals (128-102). Like the Nuggets, the Florida team has moved one win away from the Finals despite reaching the playoffs after clearing the play-in and as the eighth team in the Conference. In the 149 eliminatory rounds that there was a 3-0, there was never a comeback.

The Heat can become the second team in NBA history to reach the Finals as eighth in their Conference. The precedent was one of his victims this course, the New York Knicks in 1999. Miami takes no prisoners. The best team in the League, the Milwaukee Bucks, was killed in five games; he needed six to finish off the Knicks and against the Celtics the superiority is being overwhelming. The Lakers, on the other hand, have fought the first three games of the series against the Nuggets. The Celtics don't.

The third meeting was resolved in an even more surprising way. Miami did not score less than 30 points in any quarter. And she did it in such a choral way that she ended up being abusive. Jimmy Butler starred in his grayest game in weeks (16 points on 5 of 13 shooting, 8 rebounds and 6 assists), but there were eight players who scored between 5 and 29 points. A seamless block, wonderfully interpenetrated, balanced, compensated and with an impressive 19/35 in triples left the Celtics without any options. The game was a perfect summary of what these Heat are. Their top three scorers were undrafted players: gabe vincent (29 points with 11 of 14 on shots and 6 of 9 on triples), Duncan Robinson (22 points with 7 of 11 shooting for baskets and 5 of 7 from three) and Caleb Martin (18 points with 7 of 11 shooting). The latter's example reflects what the Miami block is: in 2021 he was a free agent after going through the Hornets and began training with rapper J. Cole. This was recommended to Caron Butler, former player and franchise assistant and to this day.

The Celtics game was embarrassing. The 11/42 in triples reflects an aimless group and in which its two stars were hopelessly shipwrecked. Tatum tanked with 14 points (6-of-18 shooting, 1-of-7 3-point range) and Brown also failed with 12 (6-of-17 shooting, 0-of-7 3-point range).

Everything indicates that the eighteenth Celtics or Lakers title will have to wait. It's time for the Heat and the Nuggets.