March 8, 2021

The heat continues to remit and reduces autonomy in orange alert to 4

The intense heat that has been going on since the weekend but that has already subsided, will continue to soften this Thursday after the number of autonomies has fallen to four times under orange alert due to very high temperatures, up to 41 degrees still in Zaragoza, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet)

On its website, Aemet reports that in addition to Aragon and Navarra – both also under storm warning – Catalonia and La Rioja are in orange level due to still suffocating heat, and eight others remain in yellow: Andalusia, Cantabria, both Castillas, Madrid, Valencia, Balearic Islands, Basque Country.

In Aragon, 39 degrees are expected in Huesca and Teruel, although it will reach up to 41 degrees in Zaragoza in the Ribera del Ebro, where there will also be storms that could be accompanied by very strong gusts of wind.

In Navarra, the maximum will be up to 39 degrees in the Ribera del Ebro and storms with very strong gusts of wind are also expected.

Temperatures in Catalonia, in orange level, will be up to 39 degrees in Lleida, in the central depression, while in the rest of the provinces, in yellow, levels of up to 37 degrees will be registered, specifically in Barcelona.

In La Rioja, the maximum will be up to 40 degrees in the Ribera del Ebro, and in Madrid, the thermometers will reach 38 degrees in the south, Las Vegas and the west.

Andalusia will register up to 39 degrees in the Cordoba countryside, and up to 38 degrees in Jaén, in the Guadalquivir valley, while in the Basque Country, only Alava is under yellow alert, with a maximum of 37 degrees.

In Cantabria, 34 degrees will be reached, while in Castilla y León only Burgos is under yellow alert, with predicted maximums of 38 degrees in Treviño County.

In Castilla-La Mancha levels of 34 degrees are expected in the Serranía de Cuenca and in Guadalajara, up to 38 degrees in Toledo, in the Tagus Valley.

In Valencia, the maximum will be 38 degrees in the southern interior while in the Balearic Islands, daytime temperatures will range between 36 degrees in Ibiza and Formentera, and Menorca, up to 37 degrees, from the interior of Mallorca.

According to the Aemet, the orange alert implies a risk of unusual weather phenomena with a certain degree of danger for the usual activities, and in the yellow one there is no meteorological risk for the population in general, although for some specific activity.

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