The heartfelt embrace between Messi and Neymar, rivals but friends

Neymar and Messi greet each other after concluding the final.

Neymar and Messi greet each other after concluding the final.

It was one of the night images. Two rivals on the pitch but at the same time two friends who admire each other after spending four seasons at Barcelona. Leo Messi and Neymar starred in a heartfelt hug at the conclusion of the match. The Argentine consoled the host, sad to lose a final in which Brazil was erratic. Quite the opposite of Argentina, who knew how to make the most of their clearest chance with Di María's goal in the 22nd minute, ultimately the final one to tip the balance in their favor (1-0).

Neymar and Messi, in the changing room tunnel at the end of the final. EFE

Neymar recovered the great level of play and imbalance that led him seasons ago to rub shoulders with the best footballers in the world. A good performance that, however, ends without a title. Finish the competition with five assists and two goals that leave him very close to the historical record of goals in official matches with Pelé's green-yellow team. A total of 77 marked the triple world champion by Neymar's 68, still 29 years old.

For its part, Messi established himself with four goals as the top gunner of the competition next to the Colombian Luis Díaz. In addition, Messi was the leader in assists, with five, after having played every minute of the seven games that each finalist team must face, and was named best player of the tournament.


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