The heart of the DISA Foundation with La Palma

Dr. Me and Dr. Mocito upon arrival in El Paso.

One of the main virtues and capacities of third sector entities is their agility in the face of the needs that arise in the environment that welcomes them. The DISA FoundationConvinced of this ability, she continues to make use of it whenever the situation requires it. A clear example was its management of aid in the face of the pandemic suffered last year, but now, it once again reaffirms its commitment to society, specifically to La Palma tree, thanks to a series of actions and emergency aid launched at the time of the start of the volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja.

In direct contact with non-profit institutions and entities, it has already carried out different aid actions on La Palma for the benefit of people affected by this phenomenon of nature, maintaining the commitment that characterizes it to develop initiatives in the hands of organizations who work on the front line serving the groups and people who need it most.

The best help: emotional and psychological support

From the first days, the different organizations and experts raised their voices emphasizing the importance of providing psychological care to the affected people. For this reason, the DISA Foundation immediately created the project Emergency smiles from the hand of the Theodora Foundation, an initiative that has offered Isla Bonita the opportunity to park for a few moments what happened thanks to the intervention of Dr. Mocito and Dr. Yo, clown professionals who since the end of September have distributed magic, music and art, making smile to those who have lost everything and to those who work every day providing solutions and helping those affected.

With their visits to the island hospital in La Palma, reception centers, educational, rehabilitation or healthcare centers, as well as private homes and all those requested places, Doctors Sonrisa came to La Palma in a bid for mental health and support emotional people. It should be noted that this initiative already has a program of visits that will, for the moment, continue until February and that will grow and adapt to the needs that arise as a result of the emergency situation.

Another of its most visible alliances is the one that the Foundation maintains with the Mojo de Caña Association, with whom it works jointly in different actions to benefit the youngest of them with opportunities and equality. Faced with this sudden emergency situation, and given that the entity has part of its team on the island of La Palma, they have signed a new agreement that will provide affected minors and their families with everything they need in light of their new reality, with special attention to their psychological, educational and recreational needs.

The Smile Doctors during a performance at a children’s center. LP / DLP

Following the line of emotional support, the DISA Foundation works with another of its allies, the Canary Red Cross, in order to support its different lines of activity linked to those displaced by the eruption, especially its educational line, in order to offer them help related to educational support and accompaniment, recreational-training activities, and even support in feeding. In addition, it already works so that its popular Family School, moves to La Palma offering sessions that will directly cover topics such as the mental health of the little ones or the management of post-traumatic care, always in the hands of referents and professionals in the field.

Direct donations to cover immediate needs

From the first moment, requests for different household goods and food reached the whole of society through official communications from public institutions and third sector organizations, giving the entity an immediate response to these needs. To date, the DISA Foundation has donated to the municipalities of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte surgical masks and FPP2, and protective glasses.

In this sense, through the affected municipalities, vouchers have been delivered so that the affected families can purchase in local shops the textile products they need, both personal and for the home, in an effort to guarantee that the needs are covered and are They adapt to the reality of the family nucleus.

Finally, it has reactivated the solidarity of the DISA Group through corporate volunteering, where it has made available to the company staff different food collection points, individual protection equipment or different options of monetary contributions for the benefit of La Palma .

A volunteer hugs the excited Dr. Mocito. LP / DLP


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