July 8, 2020

The Hearing takes up the case against Messi to cite the former employee who reported laundering and fraud

The judge of the National Court María Tardón has reopened the case for possible accounting crimes, against public finance, fraud and money laundering against FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, to which a former employee of his Foundation, Federico Rettori, had denounced, who will be cited soon.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 has thus attended the appeal for reform that Rettori had presented after the filing of the proceedings, since the Prosecutor also positioned itself in favor of revoking the dismissal to take a statement from the complainant.

Therefore, the magistrate has decreed the reopening of the proceedings and has ordered that the Leo Messi Foundation be notified of it. The date of the appearance of Rettori at the National Court has not yet been set.

According to the complaint of the former employee, which was directed against Messi, his father, his brother and other members of the Foundation, the Barça player and his environment would have benefited from the entity to receive personal payments that were not destined for social purposes and free So pay taxes to the Treasury.

After studying the complaint, Tardón agreed to the provisional dismissal of the proceedings alleging that the brief included a story based on news reports without providing "a single element of personal and direct knowledge without credibility, which would imply resorting to the realization of prospective investigations incompatible with the principles governing criminal proceedings. "

The judge added that the second part of the complaint referred to possible fraud in Argentina, where an investigation has been initiated in an economic criminal court and that they would also lack the necessary credibility in the event that they could be subject to investigation by the jurisdiction Spanish.

However, after the appeal of Federico Rettori and the Public Prosecutor's report, the magistrate has resumed the proceedings, but only for the purposes, for the moment, of taking a statement from the former employee.

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