The health strike in Galicia has been canceled after accepting the Xunta to raise the investment | Society

The health strike in Galicia has been canceled after accepting the Xunta to raise the investment | Society

There will be no primary care strike in Galicia. Unions of community health centers Galician have twisted the arm to the Consellería de Sanidade and after months of conflict and the call for a strike that would be carried out between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, with a foot practically in the election campaign, the Galician health administration he has yielded: he accepts "all the demands" of the strike committee to put an end to the protest. The suspension is also suspended concentration convened by the doctors of Vigo and for the SOS Sanidade Pública platform for this Tuesday.

The Government of Alberto Núñez Feijóo has offered to the organizing union organizations (CIG, CESM, Omega, CC OO, UGT and CSIF) to launch in the first half of May a collegiate body with representation of scientific societies, professional associations and trade unions, to discuss the problems of care and organization of primary care. For labor problems, he undertakes to open the dialogue this same April in the framework of the health sector table.

The agreement reached this Monday after more than four hours of meeting will mean a considerable budget increase, at the moment not specified, to face the demands of the group. The demands of health personnel in Galicia include the creation of a primary care management "with the ability to plan and manage" both the money allocated and their own human resources "in equality with hospital care." Also the "immediate" convocation of the necessary places in all categories, eliminate the precariousness of the workforce and solve the problems of primary care emergencies, the so-called continued care points (PAC), whose staff has been mobilized for some time.

The Consellería de Sanidade has issued a statement linking the dismissal of the strike to the offer of dialogue to address their demands and the proposal to call the sectoral roundtable. He argues that in the document of proposals to reform the primary care he promoted after the wave of protests by health personnel "is already included the commitment to maintain a specific budget for the program of differential primary care expenditure." It also assures that the expenditure of the care and management activities of the primary care centers will be imputed in that program "to respond to the needs of the citizens".


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