June 15, 2021

The head of the PP political brigade accuses the Kitchen commission of “opportunism” and refuses to answer “not even a greeting”

Commissioner Eugenio Pino, who was number two in the Police between 2012 and 2016, has refused to answer this afternoon to any of the parliamentary groups of the commission that investigates the espionage of Luis Bárcenas with reserved funds. Pino is the architect of the political brigade that organized Operation Kitchen and is charged for it in the National Court, within the Villarejo case. His political brigade organized other attacks on the opposition such as the PISA report against Podemos or Operation Catalunya.

When the president of the commission tried to give the floor to the socialist spokesperson, Pino went ahead and read a brief statement: “This commission, the investigative attitude of the commission, is not jurisdictional and is political in nature and only issues judgments of political opportunity. I am not obligated to testify. The arguments presented here lack legal validity and only the condition of certainty was guaranteed by the judicial process based on effective judicial protection. I have declared under summary secrecy as a witness and investigated.

Sicilia has insisted and Pino has replied: “I am not going to answer any question. Not even a greeting.” The socialist spokesman has continued to ask Pino questions such as whether he believes he deserves the medals he has received or if he believes he deserves to continue saying that he belongs to the National Police Corps. Pino responded to all questions with “no comment.”

When Felipe Sicilia has asked him at least respect and education because he did not even seem to answer the questions, Pino has said that the PSOE is present in the case and that everything he had to say has already been told to the judge. Sicilia has replied that if not “his guts are turned” when other appearing parties accuse him of knowing and directing the Kitchen operation and why he did not tell “his truth”. “Something will have to hide,” added the socialist spokesman before the silence of the retired policeman.

Summary secret witness and investigated


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