October 20, 2020

The head of the National Police in Valencia recommended an investigator for large-scale drug trafficking for a weapons license

The chief commissioner José Piris Perpén, head of the National Police in the province of Valencia, wrote a letter of recommendation for the Civil Guard to grant the arms license to an individual immersed in investigations for drug trafficking and against whom an order of Search and capture dictated by a court in Lanzarote.

This is stated in the sanction proposal that the Disciplinary Regime Unit has submitted to the Police Council at the conclusion of the internal investigation carried out on Commissioner Piris Perpén. The police officers of the Disciplinary Regime request a sanction of twenty days of employment and salary for a serious offense, according to the document to which eldiario.es has had access.

In allusion to the letter of recommendation prepared by the commissioner, the investigators conclude that “said document was issued without the knowledge of their superiors and without complying with the due formalities for the registration of documents, avoiding due regulatory channels.” According to the account of the events, José Piris Perpén made “a report or letter of recommendation” for David A. de J. to go to the Civil Guard and be granted a short-gun license, which allows him to carry pistols and revolvers.

The beneficiary of the commissioner’s management “has been investigated for large-scale drug trafficking as a drug carrier for many years, according to police reports, issuing him an arrest and personalization order from Investigating Court number 3 in Puerto del Rosario,” the report added. of Disciplinary Regime, dated this same July 1.

The Chief of Police in Valencia drafted the letter “without making any kind of check on the veracity of what was stated therein, nor carrying out the relevant checks to assess the collusion of making this letter about the suitability of the concession of arms in favor of this person. ” eldiario.es has contacted Commissioner Piris, but he has declined to reply.

A career in the Valencian Community and a sentence

Piris Perpén’s career has traditionally been linked to the Valencian Community, although he has only been in charge of the Valencia Provincial Police Station for only four months. Since 2015 and until last February he had been Secretary General of the Superior Headquarters of the Valencian Community and in the past he was in charge of the Algemesí, Alzira and Madrid police stations in Getafe. In 2017, he presented himself with 35 other commissioners as a candidate to be the deputy operational director of the Police.

The sanction proposed by the agents responds to the concept of “infringement of duties or obligations inherent in the police post or function, when they occur in a serious or overt manner.” Said proposal of sanction is benevolent if it is attended to that this type of serious offense is punished with between five days and 3 months of employment and salary and the Disciplinary Regime only asks for 20 days for Piris Perpén, chief commissioner, the highest ranking in the Corps National Police.

The next step is the analysis of the proposed disciplinary regime sanction within the Police Council, the relationship body between the Administration and the Corps unions and within which the central representing Piris Perpén, the Federal Union Police, may present allegations before the director general makes the final decision.

Piris Perpén was sentenced in 1992 to one month of minor arrest and a fine of 100,000 pesetas as the author of a simple lack of recklessness when acting as the chief of the crew that fired cartridges of posts in the incidents at the end of the Salve de San Sebastián in 1989. Due to the ammunition used by the Police, Four youths were injured, one of whom lost a kidney.

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