Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The Hawkers Cup starts this weekend in Albacete

The Hawkers Cup starts this weekend in Albacete

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This weekend, the circuit of Albacete is witnessing the start of the third edition of the Hawkers Cup, with a dozen pilots on track who will fight for the first victory of the season. Before free practice, and as usual, parents and pilots were summoned in the "briefing" room, to give the pertinent instructions for the new campaign. The heads of the CIV (Interautonomic Speed ​​Championships) and the Albacete Circuit commented on all the aspects related to security and the values ​​that they want to transmit one more year with this competition, in which young talents seek to fulfill their dream of being Professional pilot. The boys could already enjoy yesterday the first timed sessions, with the idea of ​​finding a good set-up for the races and adding the first points of a contest that this course consists of six appointments. Three of them will be in Albacete, one in Cartagena, another in the circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste and the last and final, back in October in Jerez.Today there will be two qualifying sessions to define the starting grid of the race , which will start at 18:30 hours. And on Sunday, after the "warm up", from 9 to 9:10, the last heat will be played at 10:35. Among the participants is Alberto Ferrández, defending champion and champion of the Hawkers Riders Cup, who will also run the Spanish Championship Cetelem de Superbikes (ESBK) in the Moto4 category. This promotion cup, fruit of the union of the CIV , Corse Factory and Hawkers born of the illusion and the need to want to help those pilots who for lack of means or opportunities can not show their talent. Hawkers allows them to compete in equal mechanical conditions, rewarding the value of the pilot and preparing it to make the jump to the Spanish Speed ​​Championship (CEV). The idea is to help the base sport and for this it is made available to competitors identical motorcycles , manufactured by Corse Factory (85cc), and with tire limitations to look for that total equality that allows it to be the talent of the little ones what leads them to success. The twelve chosen pilots have come out of a demanding and fun selection tests that They have been a success. The age of the participants must be between 9 and 14 years old. They come from speed championships of the different autonomous communities, chosen on the basis of a series of sporting and personal criteria, valued by professional judges. The final winner will have the opportunity to take a test to make the jump to the Championship of Spain, the place of where the current champions have left.


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