The harsh criticism of the PP politician, González Pons, to the Super Cup played by Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético and Valencia

He refuses to watch the competition

The Super Cup is raising criticism in many sectors, although Rubiales and the Federation say that it is being beneficial and that, although in the first meeting there were many clearings in the stands, that will change.

One of the toughest criticisms has been made by PP politician González Pons, via Twitter: “If women cannot go to football in Saudi Arabia, I will not see the # Supercup2020 What does Spain do by celebrating a “national” sports final in a foreign country that does not allow women to attend? What message do we send? #NoALaSupercopa”, He has written in one of his tweets.

He has not been the only one: “My recognition of the media that today do not talk about the # Supercup2020 I am sorry to see others explaining that women are not discriminated against in Saudi Arabia, that they don't have time or that they don't like football. I am sorry how we collaborate with this indecency #NoalaSupercopa”, Has continued.

He is very angry: “Saudi Arabia: Spanish journalists cannot go to the gym or pool and must wear wide clothes. Really, what does Spain do playing the # Supercup2020 there? Weren't we a feminist country? I do believe it, that's why #NoALaSupercopa"

And he made it clear that he was not going to watch yesterday's match between Valencia and Real Madrid: “I was a partner of @valenciacf before I registered in the civil registry and today I am NOT going to see the # Supercup2020 in TV. Celebrating a Spanish final in a country where women are PROHIBITED to go to football is INDECENT. Please don't follow this dirty game, sorry dirty business, ”


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