Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

The harsh criticism of a former Formula One driver for Pedro Sánchez

Marc Surer lives in Spain and they see with his Swiss look what is happening

“It is forbidden to ride a bicycle and ride a horse, which are things I do regularly, I have my own horses. The reason: people shouldn’t put themselves in unnecessary danger: Hospitals, right now, don’t need more accident victims. I am fortunate to have a little land in my house and I am busy with jobs that I had postponed, “he says in Speedweek, Marc Surer, former Formula One driver, who lives in Spain.

It is the version of a Swiss resident in Spain: “It all started in Madrid, the Spanish are taking to the streets. The government waited too long to take action. Pedro Sánchez is not a particularly strong leader. Y He made a big mistake: He announced that there would be a curfew. What happened? That all the people from Madrid went to their vacation homes, also here in my region. They carried the virus across the country. And they also bought everything in our supermarkets and left them empty. The situation in stores has now normalized here. ” For him, it was late: “” The announcement of the curfew was very uncomfortable. Now the procedure is very strict, but the damage has already been done. Sánchez should have applied the blockade with immediate effect and sooner. “

He describes how the hospitals are near where he lives: “The biggest problem in the Alicante hospital, near where I live, is that a large part of the hospital staff is sick. They reacted too late. The daughter of a friend of mine She is a nurse who also has Covid-19, but is now healthy and working. In general, this pandemic was taken too lightly. Strict measures will make the curves of new diseases and deaths flatten. ”


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