The harsh confession of Yolanda Ramos in the Rocío Carrasco special: “I have also been morally mistreated”

Rocío Carrasco and Yolanda Ramos.

Rocío Carrasco and Yolanda Ramos.

Yolanda Ramos starred in one of the highlights of Rocío Carrasco’s interview this Wednesday. During her video call, the comedian revealed a tough personal story through tears: “They have not let us be, and I shit on their mother. They have never mistreated me physically, but morally.”

I didn’t believe you when you told me that your daughter had what you had and I thought you were exaggerating because like so many others we have been mistreated in some way. They had told me, when I sang my rights, that it was exaggerated. I mean by that they haven’t hit some of us but they haven’t let us be, “the comedian continued.

Rocío Carrasco narrates the aggression of her daughter in her interview on Telecinco

Rocío Carrasco returned this Wednesday to Telecinco to explain some of the most relevant highlights of the testimony about his life. Rocío Jurado’s daughter remembered the aggression he suffered from his daughter, Rocío Flores, in the summer of 2012, one of the hardest episodes of her life: “I could not denounce my daughter because she is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my life. I have always wanted to protect her.”

“That day Rocío attacked me and I ended up in a hospital, But it wasn’t her who hit me, it was her father. Because I want to make it clear from the beginning that my daughter was an executioner because before she was a victim of that person (Antonio David Flores). Y I was very vulnerable“said Carrasco, asking publicly that he not be attacked, since his father is to blame.

Rocío said that her daughter stopped because she was “unconscious on the ground”, she also revealed that she was “never” interested in how she was after the attack: “I know from the driver, who had to testify, that my daughter took her cell phone and called her father and said:” Dad, it’s done. “ That is why I say that what happened was the masterpiece of that being, Antonio David Flores “.


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