September 19, 2020

The hardness of the crystal ladies – The Province

They are called Crystal Ladies, but after seeing the 'show' they represent in the show 'Totem' of the Circus of the Sun, it is clear that their relationship with the fragile nature of this material is reduced only to the name. Twin sisters Marina and Svetlana Tsodikova represent a number in which they show how feminine beauty and maximum strength are fully compatible. This is what Svetlana makes clear in this interview in which it is the highlights of a montage that injects originality and freshness to the entire representation with its message of female liberation included.

It is one of the most original and hypnotic shows of the moment. Be part of the show Totem, of the Circus of the Sun, which will remain in Meloneras until September 22, and it is a twist – never better said – to the juggling universe. Its protagonists are the Belarusian sisters Marina and Svetlana Tsodikova, also known as Crystal Ladies, who are the founders of this show performed exclusively with their feet, also known as antipodism, but located as the most unique and successful worldwide today.

Both sisters use several flat squares made of cloth that both spin simultaneously on their hands and legs, and then thrown from one foot to the hand of the sister sister and successively. It is a striking, different and original show. "My twin sister and I have been empathized since we were born." Svatlana points out. "In fact we have only one minute of age difference between the two," he adds. "We created this p erfomance specifically for the Circus of the Sun. We spin some squares that move between us and then we make the number of the pyramids that ends all the previous difficulty, "he adds." It seems quite simple from the visual point of view, but it is more beautiful than difficult since you have to train for many years to do it, "he adds next.

Since last July 5 the Circus of the Sun remains in the south of Gran Canaria offering one of the star mounts of its long history. But this show of the Belarusian sisters has 10 years of history since it practically began in 2010, "and for the Circus of the Sun this show is one of the most complex," he says. Crystal Ladies has performed, independently, during all this time, in countries of central and eastern Europe such as Germany, Switzerland or Russia, and have collaborated with countless circuses around the world. But, in Svetlana's opinion, "the most important thing has been that we have achieved the maximum in our discipline, which is to act with the Circus of the Sun, that is the top of our career." This is so, because in the words of the juggler, The Circus of the Sun "offers a different treatment of the shows" from the rest of the circuses. "Also in relation to light and spaces everything is special."


The juggler recognizes that this assembly "requires a very deep and complicated training, in which you have to be very strong and concentrated because if you are not in full physical form it can become dangerous," he says. Therefore, what the Belarusian juggler likes most is that "here, my sister and I can work together." And the fact that it is a dual spectacle produces that the result is much more powerful "and allows you to transmit something with more energy and more impact than if we were separately," says the juggler.

When one attends the show Totem he finds that Circo del Sol has created a montage of many aspects, but with a thematic unit. Their performances combine music, dance and circus acts that include contortionism, aerial dance, juggling, acrobatics and gymnastics on trapezoids, wires or strings, trampolines, among others, and are characterized by having a plot as the guiding thread of production.

This has been emerging in the last 35 years to show montages where everything is prepared to the last detail. And the idea here is to show the human species from its amphibious origin to its final desire to fly. The characters are evolving and evoking a giant tortoise, the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations, and explores the ties that bind Man with other species, his dreams and his infinite potential. Therefore, the part of the Crystal Ladies could be interpreted as that of full feminine liberation. "At our performance there is no implicit message, "says the gymnast." But we do want to show that we are beautiful women, but at the same time strong, and that is why the idea is to teach the public that a beautiful woman does not have to be delicate. Beauty and strength are not at odds with power, energy and vigor. "

This is something that is more important than it may seem. Because Svletana, off the stage, without the sequins suit and the necessary makeup, is a woman of perfect measurements, she enjoys a perfect sculpture that resembles an authentic model from the east that could parade without problems through any catwalk fashion of Europe.

The Crystal Ladies show begins with the two sisters juggling at the same time, but each one separately. Subsequently, each one passes the carpets, making combinations with these increasingly complicated objects. In the final plot of the show, one of the sisters grabs the other by the legs and forms a kind of trapeze with their bodies. It is then that the one that remains at the top has to maintain a balance that almost challenges the theory of gravity. And the one at the bottom shows a prodigious resistance ability, while the two spin the carpets.

Svetlana Tsodikova is married to one of the members of the Russian Bars with whom she has a three-year-old son. This has prevented her from having the free time her sister does have that, precisely, could not participate in this interview because at that time she was doing a tourist tour in the north of the Island. "My sister was already in the Canary Islands before. He was in Lanzarote and told me that he had landscapes that seemed lunar. That is why this time, since he has had some free time he has visited the rest of Gran Canaria, "he says. "I believe a lot in her opinion and she has told me that she really likes what she has seen."

With its visit to the Canary Islands, the Circus of the Sun has reached the southernmost part of Europe, although "we have been to Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan," he says. "But within Europe we had never worked in a place so far south," he says.

The two sisters are from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, a country that became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. In their city they are authentic myths as they are an example of the great gymnasts who have left this part of Europe that stand out, in addition , to go one step further than usual in conventional circuses. But the question is that if all this occurs with security concessions. "What we do is complicated, but not dangerous," says Svetlana. "It is true that we always run the risk that we may fall. And that no one is free that, at some point, you may suffer fatigue or fainting. But both me and my sister have learned a lot so that it never happens." , Add. "There can also be mistakes because we are human like everyone else, but it is a price to pay when you dedicate yourself to what has always been your illusion."

However, the acrobat adds that "I have done this for many years and I know where the mistakes and risks are, the most dangerous part. But as we do so many shows, because every day is the same, in the end everything goes smoothly without problems ".

With Totem, The spectator enters a montage full of color and energy, where the most important professionals in the circus world offer their best moments. One of them is, without a doubt, the one made by the Crystal Ladies who, by the way, the relationship with the fragility of this material remains only in the name, because on the stage both artists give off a force, a hardness and energy that touch the superhuman.


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