June 24, 2021

The hard unpublished video of the moments after the crash of the Kobe Bryant helicopter

It was taken by cyclists who were in the area

The plane is shattered, with the pieces scattered everywhere. That’s what the cyclist Michale Dryer saw when he approached the place where the Kobe Bryant helicopter and his daughter and seven other occupants had fallen. “I thought we were wrong and we were close to the highway … or a forest fire. We went around the corner and saw a total devastation, ”he says he thought when he saw a helicopter flying so low:“ There were two other cyclists on the road on the other side of the accident. We shout: “Is anyone alive? ”And they said they didn’t believe it. We approach and begin to see things too horrible to tell. ”

He says he has been offered a lot of money for this video but has not accepted it.


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