July 14, 2020

The hard response of Cristiano Ronaldo's sister to Van Dijk's hesitation to Portuguese

The second in the Golden Ball joked about the absence of the Portuguese to the gala

Liverpool's Dutch central was second in the Golden Ball for only seven points compared to Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo was third, but the Portuguese did not go to the gala. The network player was asked: “Cristiano has not come. Is it a rival less for you? And he replied: "But was he a rival?" The defense has had the defense through CR's sister in her Instagram account. “Dear Virgil, when you go, Cristiano Ronaldo has come and gone a thousand times. It was three-time champion in the country where you have been playing for years. He was the best player and top scorer in the country where you play. In addition, he was the best player in the history of Real Madrid. I'll tell you something? Cristiano even beat you in the Champions League final. Of those he has 5, Virgil. Ronaldo and his teammates crushed your team in the final. Was it difficult, Virgil? What a pity! And, dear Virgil, in one of the least successful moments of your career, Cristiano Ronaldo has won even more titles than you. Win titles from those who really count and then we talk. When you have a handful of them, really important ones, you can sit at the table with Cristiano. "

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I think I have completely frustrated viver! E fora da realidade … To such humility! Repórter: "Cristiano Ronaldo will not be this night. He is less a rival to ter em conta." Van Dijk: "Is Cristiano Ronaldo really a rival?" Foi is in charge of the Dutch central do Liverpool, when confronted about the absence of the Portuguese star from the main event. It is known and known that Ronaldo will not win or award a prize. In spite of being overdue important collective titles … more isso é outra convers e e que na na go we will see where vai chegar a verdade sobre o futebol !!! Agora, dear Virgil, where you go, Cristiano Ronaldo já foi e já veio a thousand times. Vê lá bem, my dear Virgil, that Cristiano Ronaldo foi tri-campeão did not have a country where you have been there years ago and you never managed to put more than a can. Or Cristiano Ronaldo tie foi or melhor jogador and melhor marker no country where jogas Virgil. By sinal, it was athe bem mais jovem than you. Depois, dear Virgil, or Cristiano Ronaldo foi for outras paragens and tornou-se no maior jogador da um clubezito's history. Real Madrid, did you say something Virgil? É possível que sim, because that is clube, how is Cristiano Ate defeating you in the final of such a Champions League. Dessas, já or Ronaldo tem 5, Virgil. That is Ronaldo e companheiros, as quinas ao peito, esmagaram a tua "laranja" numa final. Foi hard, Virgil? We are sorry And, dear Virgil, there are less times given by Sua Carreira, or Cristiano Ronaldo has won more titles than you. Awesome, isn't it? Agora, Virgil, is going to beat Daqueles titles that really contaminate us. When tiveres uma mão cheia deles, two really important ones, maybe you can sit at a table like Cristiano. Ou as it was said na nossa terra, cresce and appears! E for mim @cristiano this will be for semper or melhor jogador do mundo! E quem não gosta that puts na roda do prato! #orgulhodomeurei #Deusnocomando

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