June 17, 2021

The Hara Extreme Lanzarote 2020 and the World Mountain Running Championships are suspended – La Provincia

Haría Extreme Lanzarote announces the suspension of the event scheduled for the month of November 2020, in a very special edition since this year the event hosted the World Mountain Running Championships of the WMRA. The current health situation does not allow the test to be carried out with the care it deserves, so the decision agreed between the parties involved, the Haría city council and the WMRA, has been to suspend the celebration of the race.

If normally an event like the Haría Extreme Lanzarote requires the mobilization of a lot of staff and resources to place the race on the world panorama of mountain racing, this year all the factors were multiplied to be the first Spanish venue in history of the Mountain Running World Championships.

Given the health crisis that is still present in the Canary Islands and that affects the whole world, the decision not to go ahead with the organization of the race has been especially painful, since the event would have meant a before and after for the municipality from Haría and the island of Lanzarote.

The Haría Extreme Lanzarote will return with all the strength of the world in 2021, with a date already scheduled for the weekend of November 13 and 14. The Haría City Council will recover the spirit that has led this race to become one of the most outstanding events in the Canary Islands and a world reference in mountain races.


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