May 25, 2020

The happy first day of a girl's school with crystal bones – La Provincia

Olaya turned on July 7 three years, and yesterday began school. All parents face that moment of separating from their children with uncertainty and nerves. The Olaya also felt "immense joy." "Her evolution has been incredible. We had doubts that she could walk, and now she doesn't stop," Laura Goberna acknowledged yesterday, the mother of this girl from Xàbia (Alicante) who was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta a few months after birth, crystal bone disease. "We are super happy. She has had a great time and has immediately begun to socialize with the other children. "

Three years ago, after the diagnosis, Laura confessed her fears. His daughter suffered a rare disease. He admitted that he was even afraid to take her in his arms since the little girl was extremely fragile and an abrupt movement was enough for any of her bones to fracture.

Now everything has changed. Laura does not stop smiling. Y Olaya is a whirlwind. It has not been broken for two years. Her parents take her every six months to the university hospital in Getafe, the reference in osteogenesis imperfecta. The girl follows a treatment with zoledronate, a medicine that strengthens the bones. "At the beginning I chained fractures. Then I also felt a lot of pain. I shivered when I said: 'mama, I have a pupa'. But it has become very strong. It has great energy," said the mother.

Frights still have. A few days ago Olaya had a sprained ankle. "We came to think it was a fracture. Fear you always have it. The last bone was broken by sleeping. Now run and play like all children, and we are happy to see it so active."

The little girl entered the class and was introduced to all children. He even stayed in the dining room. Her parents picked her up at 2 pm. He goes, like his sister Gabriela, 7, to the María Inmaculada school. An expert from AHUCE (Crystal Bone Association of Spain) will go to the center to explain to the teachers some guidelines that are followed with children with osteogenesis imperfecta. "My daughter has to be treated like the other children. But there are things, like taking her arm and stretching, that should be avoided," said the mother. "I am very calm. We thought that Olaya would have to study at home, and now she goes to school and is very happy."

Laura stressed that facing this disease has made the whole family stronger. "We are a pineapple. I admire how the oldest has reacted, Gabriela, who is now 7 years old. She has always told us: 'We can with this.'"

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