The Gürtel inspector says that Correa met with the mayor of Boadilla to do "business with the public."

Gürtel's main investigator, Inspector Manuel Morocho, completed his statement as a witness in the trial for the performance of this corrupt plot in the Madrid municipality of Boadilla del Monte on Thursday. To questions from the defense of one of the defendants, the policeman assured that, in 2005, the leader of the network, Francisco Correa, still “intervened directly in the meetings with those responsible for the construction companies and in direct relations with the construction companies. positions and political leaders ”, among which he has cited Arturo González Panero, the one who was mayor of that municipality for the PP between 1999 and 2009.

Inspector Morocho declares that Correa decided the items for the PP from corruption

Inspector Morocho declares that Correa decided the items for the PP from corruption

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Both are being tried in this proceeding and have recognized their participation in the plot in which there would have been a transfer of funds from black money to the conservative formation. Specifically, a part of the bites that Correa and his criminal network distributed would have gone to finance electoral campaigns in 2003 and 2004 in the municipality of Boadilla del Monte, one of the richest in Spain, and a traditional bastion of the Popular Party.

Before the court, Morocho explained that in the "relationship" that was established in the Madrid municipality between González Panero, Correa and whoever was their number two In the Gürtel, Pablo Crespo, it is "feasible" that the tenders that the City Council was going to launch and that the network members considered "of interest" would be addressed. "And in that society, that prospective future business is where they frame 'with this I stay, this one not because I am not interested'", has exemplified the policeman, who has affirmed that Correa was a person who "had prospects in the sense of seeing opportunities to do business with the public ”. "It is normal for Correa to monitor the business and intervene in it," said Morocho, who has recognized, however, that Correa did not appear in the "documents" in the first person.

The trial for the action of the Gürtel plot in Boadilla places 24 people and 11 companies on the defendant's dock as alleged civil liability. The list of defendants is completed by the PP, to which the Public Ministry attributes to have benefited from 204,198.54 euros of corruption. His lawyer, Jesús Santos, has not asked the police officer, whom the party has charged on several occasions. Last summer, for example, accused him of "malpractice" for "desperately" seeking evidence against the formation in the pending case of box B and asked the judge not to take into account the last report he had provided to the case.

This Wednesday, during his first intervention as a witness, the police accredited the use of commissions for PP campaigns in the Madrid municipality. To questions from the prosecutor, Morocho explained that the structure led by Correa was in charge not only of "making preparations" for the events, but also of "financing" them. "That is to say, it became the executor and channel of the funds, whatever the origin, that the party made available to it in order to finance those acts," he explained, according to Europa Press.

Specifically, he referred to 60,000 euros that were directed to the "campaign concept" and that they used for the expenses generated in the electoral acts in Boadilla del Monte in 2003. "From this distribution of funds, which comes from a commission by a The award decided to allocate part to finance "the campaign events held in the municipality, within the framework of the municipal elections.

And it is that, in this case, "there was a subjective relation" between the "public and elected positions of the political and temporary formation, since the distribution takes place just at the moment in which the electoral moments begin". "And we know that the need for funds to carry out events is a fact," said Morocho.

In his statement, in which he ratified the reports that he prepared over more than ten years of investigation, Morocho also went into detail on the operation of Gürtel, who was in charge of negotiating "with the contracting authority how to go about" setting up the specifications "so that they adapt to the characteristics of the offer compared to that of third parties, thus giving priority to those that the plot considered as friendly companies.


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