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The gunmen of the board - The Province

The gunmen of the board - The Province

Two geniuses of mental acuity. Disengage the mind, devise a strategy, overcome the events and execute it in less than 180 seconds. Two of the fastest gunmen in world chess have Canarian blood. The crush on the board for José Antonio Herrera and Alejandro Alvarado is forbidden terrain in the PRO Chess League, the online competition in which the planetary elite of science sport of the 64 squares are concentrated.

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Alvarado and Herrera, two of the last talents that the archipelago has given in the chess universe universe, began last Thursday a global league organized by the web platform

A competition that has the prestige of being able to count on the two players who fought during the past month of November for the world crown, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.

Chess has been able to adapt to new technologies, and in the search to find attractiveness for future generations, bet on fast games - fifteen minutes for each player - to make more enjoyable the classic games (traditionally more than four hours) and break with the barrier of the exclusivity of the profane of the board.

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Thanks to the skill of these two geniuses of the board in the fast games, they have achieved the milestone of classifying their team, the Barcelona Raptors, for the first time in the First Division of the PRO Chess League.

Both Herrera and Alvarado are characterized by being players with a calculation of plays very fast and with a tactical instinct reserved for a few, which allows them to measure themselves against the best strategists on the planet.

The team, created precisely by Herrera, is formed by the 2002 World Champion, Ruslan Ponomariov; the best chess player in Spanish history, Francisco Vallejo; besides the great teachers Fernando Peralta, Daniel Forcén, Hipólito Asis, Álvar Alonso and Miguel Muñoz; besides the two canaries.

Despite being the first participation of the Raptors in the top category, no limits are set. Already in the first day of the league competition they beat (9.5-6.5) Ljubljana Turtles, with a magnificent performance by Alvarado, who won in three games and made draw in the remaining of the four duels that he played in the match to sixteen games ( four games are played in which four members of each team play against each other).

Of the four divisions in which the league is organized - divided by time slots - the Raptors are framed by the Cannes Blitzstreams, the Norway Gnomes, the Amsterdam Mosquitoes, the Berlin Bears, the Marseille Migraine and the Baden-Baden Snowballs.

Right in the Norwegian team plays Magnus Carlsen, so one of the two players will have the opportunity to face the best player on the planet.

For Alvarado, this possibility is a dream, because "these players only play a select number of tournaments and it is not easy to match them", explains the talent of Vecindario. Although he is also aware that, "the normal thing is that they give us a beating, but we can boast of having played against them," he says.

For his part, Herrera believes that "to have the opportunity to play against a legend like Carlsen is something incredible", he adds, with the admiration he professes, "feeling the strength and intensity of that game is worth more than the result you can get ", although yes, it is not limited in his dreams:" if I win it would be a success that would even put on my resume, "he stresses. Shoot your minds over the space of the 64 squares.


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