The Guiniguada Theater maintains its commitment to "diversity" of languages ​​and formats

Daniel Tapia and Lorena Matute, this Wednesday, during the press conference held on the stage of the Cuyás Theater in the capital of Gran Canaria. / C7

Dance, theatre, music, humor and family productions mark the fifty proposals planned until the end of the year

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

"Diversity" of languages, formats and disciplines continues to set the pace in the schedule provided by the
Guiniguada Theater from the capital of Gran Canaria after the summer break and until the end of the year. Fifty dance, theatre, music, film, humor and family proposals can be enjoyed in the facilities of this venue that
managed by the Government of the Canary Islands.

Daniel Tapiatechnical coordinator of Guiniguada, and
Lorraine Matutecoordinator of the Performing Arts Unit of the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development (ICDC), assured yesterday, during the presentation of the new season, that they trust that they will already be history
"the ups and downs" in spectator attendance that all the national musical and scenic spaces have suffered since last spring. “We are going to continue programming, although we are aware of the national public crisis and everything that is coming our way” from an economic point of view, Matute acknowledged about a space in which capacity restrictions and masks due to health pandemic have passed to a better life.

That insistence, they point out, achieved that before the pandemic
contemporary dance productions will go from congregating a dozen spectators has reach more than a hundred.
“That is a great achievement”Tapia stressed.

theatrical bets

The Temudas festival stars in the beginning of the Guiniguada theater season. The theater hosts, tomorrow and Saturday, the premiere of
'myths', scenic-musical montage inspired by Maria Callas. montages follow
'Auto de fe... behind the scenes'the second production of Atlante Cultura&Teatro, on September 23, and
'foreign trial'on September 30, a work where the public participates in a capital way and that is carried out by the company Indubio.

On October 22, Prophets of Mueble Bar will premiere its show
'Diary of a madman', starring Fernando Navas.
'The inmortality'a new text by Antonio Tabares representing Delirium Teatro, can be seen on November 5, while
'I killed Kurt Cobain', written by Rosa Escrig and starring Adriana Ubani and María de Vigo, will be performed on November 19.


'Woman', from the flamenco company Rocío Pozo, opens the dance program on September 17, also within Temudas. On October 1, the Catalan company Gaston Core will represent
'The very last northern rhino', as an extension of the FAM organized by the Tenerife Auditorium. The Canarian companies star in the double performance on October 28 and 29,
Masdanza, which will include a film screening. Rocío Pozo, with the premiere of the small format piece
'Tempo' together with a guitarist, and the cycle of short pieces
'Broom' complete the dance display.

Live music

the soul guitarist
Paul Queu opens the musical bet on September 24, with a concert in which he presents his album 'Deep in the pocket'.

The Contemporary Festival, an extension of the Canary Islands Music Festival, will land in this space with the concerts: Sigma Project (October 2); Manson Ensemble (October 3); Lucas Vida with 'Karma' (October 14) and Ensemble Difracción (October 15). While the Autumn Jazz cycle includes the concert by
Luzardo Pine, on November 18.

the evenings of
Toñín Corujo Quarteton October 13;
Alvaro Iglesias, on November 11; Y
Tana Santana, on December 16; complete a live music offer that also includes master classes and performances by
Mousike, this time by María Cristina Plata, on October 8, Víctor Antón, on November 3, and Alexander Polanía, on December 1.

Family shows especially pull the box office

Family shows have a lot of pull among Guiniguada regulars, Daniel Tapia, technical coordinator of this theater, highlighted yesterday.

As part of the Temudas festival, 'Por art of magic', by Totó el Payaso, arrives on September 11; 'Soy una nuez', by Zum Zum Teatre, on the 15th and 16th of the same month; and 'Rosa Caramelo', by Titiritrán TEatro, on September 18.

Within the framework of the Big Band Vintage Festival, the 'Kids Rock History' concert has been scheduled for October 12. Other planned family bets are: 'The impossible things', by Matardemarte, on October 16; 'The island of memories', on November 6; 'De fable', by the Corazón Azul Producciones company, on December 4; the gospel concert for all audiences 'A Rainbow Christmas', on December 17; and the second installment of 'Súper Abuela', on December 18.

The Guiniguada continues as the venue for the projections of the Filmoteca Canaria, which between September and October dedicates a cycle to the figure and work of the Nobel Prize for Literature José Saramago. The screenings of the 'Documentary of the Month' cycle continue, with titles such as 'The Secret of Doctor Grinberg', 'Rebellion', 'Dear Sara' and 'Karaoke Paradise'. The European Outdoor Film Tour returns on December 9.

The humorous program #Guiniguada, with topical talks, resumes its activity with the Morao Arte team. The first date, October 6, is about playing. They are followed by those to die, on November 17, and to give away, on December 1.

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