The ‘Guerreras’ start the World Cup with a comfortable victory over Argentina

The Spanish women’s team of handball this Wednesday started its journey in the World Cup in Spain with a resounding victory (29-13) over Argentina, in a match in which the “Warriors“They completely dislodged the Argentine team in the second half, as evidenced by the only three goals that José Ignacio Prades’s team conceded in the second thirty minutes of play.

A strong marker that no one could have imagined after the numerous problems suffered by the Spanish team in a first half (11-10) in which the “Guerreras” they never managed to adjust their defensive system.

Quite the opposite of the second half, in which with the move to defense 5-1, with a spectacular Paula Arcos placeholder image in the advanced position, ordered by the Spanish coach, Spain completely short-circuited the offensive game of an Argentina, which did not stop chaining one loss after another.

Still shocked by the last minute low of Lara González, who broke a finger on his right hand in the last training session prior to the start of the championship, the Spanish team had a hard time adjusting their defensive system.

Lacking its natural leader, the defense of the “Warriors” was far from resembling the one that just a few days before served to cement the brilliant victories achieved over Slovakia, Poland and Germany, three rivals, a priori, much more dangerous than the Argentine team.

Not the pair of centrals that formed at the beginning Eli Cesáreo and Kaba Gassama, Neither the pair that Ainhoa ​​Hernández and Irene Espínola later formed gave the necessary solidity to a Spanish defense, which never quite contained the attack game of the Argentine team.

A problem that was added to the numerous exclusions with which the “Guerreras” were punished in the first half, a symptom of defensive imbalances of a Spanish team that had to resort more than due to the arms to try to stop the South American players.

Without solidity behind, Spain also lacked the possibility of being able to show off, both in the first and second waves, its fast counterattack game, one of the main weapons of the José Ignacio Prades.

This circumstance forced the Spanish team to have to face the fierce Argentine defense in static, which with a sensational work, never gave Spain the opportunity to be able fluently circulate the ball.

A fact that condemned Spain to have to resort more times than necessary to the outside launch, the usual Achilles heel of the Spanish team, which was not particularly successful in the launch when managed to generate clear scoring chances.

Only the numerous losses of the Argentine team, in which the right-back Malena Cavo stood out, allowed the “Guerreras” to always stay ahead on the scoreboard, although without the possibility of distancing Argentina as reflected by the adjusted 11-10 with which the conclusion of the first half was reached.

A haunting panorama that the Spanish coach managed to change at the beginning of the second period to a 5-1 defense with the presence of the very young Paula Arcos in the forward position.

Variation that could not sit better for the “Warriors”, than without reaching the defensive level that they showed in the preparation phase, began to force more and more and more losses for the Argentine team.

And where the legs of Paula Arcos or Maitane Etxeberria, very aggressive and intense in the lateral position, appeared, of course, the figure of the incombustible Silvia Navarro, who with two stops almost consecutive to throws of six meters by Malena Cavo led to the start of the take-off of the Spanish team.

One escaped that was consummated midway through the second half when the “Warriors” did not miss the double exclusion of Elke Karsten and Ayelén García to stand with an income six goals (18-12) on the scoreboard.

Reflection of absolute crash that the Argentine team suffered in the second half, which added more than twenty minutes without scoring a single goal. A short circuit that the “Warriors” did not miss to run everything they could not do in the first half and increase their difference until they reached the fourteen goals of income that reflected the 23-19 final.

Data sheet:

29 – Spain: Navarro (1); Carmen Martín (3s), Almudena Rodríguez (2), Arderius (2, 1s), Barbosa (5, 2s), Jennifer Gutiérrez (1) and Eli Cesáreo (-) -starting team- Castellanos (ps), Campos (5, 1p), Laura Hernández (1), Etxeberria (3), Sole López (1), Gassama (3), Ainhoa ​​Hernández (1), Espínola () and Arcos (1)

13 – Argentina: Carratú; Urban (3), Mendoza (-), Gavilán (1), Pizzo (2p), Karsten (3, 2p) and Sans (-) -starting team- Rosalez (ps), Ayelén García (-), Campigli (-) , Mena (-), Cavo (2), Gandulfo (-), Cisneros (-), Casasola (1) and Dalle Crode (1)

Scoreboard every five minutes: 2-1, 4-3, 6-4, 9-7, 9-8 and 11-10 (Rest) 13-12, 15-12, 16-12, 19-12, 26-13 and 29-13 ( Final)

Referees: Alpaidze and Berezkina (RUS). They excluded Eli Cesáreo (2), Gassama and Barbosa for Spain for two minutes; and Gavilán, Gandulfo, Karsten and Ayelén García for Argentina.

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the first day of group H of the World Championship of Spain 2021 held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Torrevieja (Alicante).


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