The Guatemalan Prosecutor warns that there is a rebound in murders of women

The Guatemalan Public Ministry (Prosecutor's Office) warned on Friday that there is a rebound in homicides against women and that the bodies of the murdered have "misogyny" features.

The head of the Prosecutor's Office against the Crime of Femicide, Berónica de León, said that this increase in the cases are under analysis and that "all the necessary measures have been taken to analyze" why the rebound is due.

De León said in a joint press conference with other prosecutors and with the head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras, in which he emphasized that they have seen "a misogyny in the bodies" of dead women.

From these traits "it is where we analyze who are the people responsible for the way they perform the acts," said De León, who said his office has "a committed and sensitized team."

The head of the Prosecutor's Office against the crime of Femicidio explained that they "constantly kill" women, but as "they do it in a different way," the investigation "must be in a different way."

Each death, the Prosecutor's Office against Femicide "analyzes the criminal phenomenon", because "there are criminal structures behind women" so the investigation is carried out "in a technical and scientific way".

The attorney general, Consuelo Porras, applauded the efforts of prosecutor De León, saying that she had no schedule and that she was an "extremely diligent" worker and recalled that she was present at the scene of the murder of three women (two of them South American ) last Friday morning. A case that is still under investigation.

Porras added that the Directorate of Criminal Analysis is also investigating the violent deaths of women and that a protocol has been set up with technical teams to "strengthen this prosecution, with technical support, so that it has all the evidentiary support."

In the first seven months of the year, Guatemala recorded 2,807 homicides, of which almost 70 percent were perpetrated with a firearm, according to a report by the Mutual Support Group.

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