The Guaguas flies to the semifinals

Pablo Kukartsev connects a shot in yesterday's game against Emevé at the CID.  |  |  LP / DLP

Pablo Kukartsev connects a shot in yesterday's game against Emevé at the CID. | | LP / DLP

The Guaguas yesterday took another step towards its great goal, the title of the Men's Volleyball Super League. The yellow team made it to the semifinals, where Melilla Sport Capital awaits them. The Gran Canaria squad added yesterday at the Insular Sports Center the second point of the quarter series, the best of three, against an Arenal Emevé that again forced the fourth set against the islanders in a great match for the Galicians, led by a once again on the attack by Brandon Rattray.

The Guaguas jumped onto the track wanting to solve the tie on the fast track, endorsing a partial starting 8-3 led in attack by an unleashed Hage that led Diego Taboada to stop the clock to try to stop the infernal rhythm of the of the premises.

The Galicians made too many mistakes and the fleeting appearances of Brandon Rattray were not enough to end the good feelings of a rival who maintained his voracity in attack, while they made blocking their main weapon to line the final stretch of the set with the wind blowing. Please, making the new time-out of the visiting coach sterile with 18-9 on the scoreboard; This could not avoid the first partial victory of the Gran Canaria by winning 25-16 1-0).

The visitors took advantage of a Guaguas own error to start winning the second round, but the yellow ones turned to Pablo Kukartsev to regain command, with the great help of Moisés Cézar, Hage and Matt Knigge. For Emevé, Rattray and Ofoha's points were not enough to keep up with the local team. With 22-17 favorable to the locals, who certified the 2-0 (25-19).

With the rope around their neck, Emevé faced the third round due to the need to grit their teeth, close their defense and entrust themselves to Brandon Rattray to stay alive in the playoffs.

Diego Taboada's recipe seemed to give the desired result, staying in the game making the rubber and without letting the Gran Canaria team take off on the scoreboard, to enter the final stretch of the third round with a 22-22 and with everything to decide .

Brandon Rattra appeared on the scene in the final stretch of the match, becoming an incentive for the island defense, which could not avoid five consecutive points of its harvest that allowed the visitors to force the fourth set after winning by 22-25 (1-2 ).

The Emevé took advantage of his change in dynamics in front of a too nervous and off-center Guaguas before his dissatisfaction with the occasional arbitration decision not shared by the yellows, which led his coach to request two consecutive time-outs before even exceeding the equator of the fourth sleeve, with a 7-10 on the scoreboard.

The Guaguas then put on the overalls to adjust his defense and find Pablo Kukartsev always present as a reference in attack to turn the scoreboard and regain command of the game. The locals recovered their solidity in reception and attack to finish the set, the match and the tie with a 25-21 that meant the final 3-1 for the island. Now, Melilla awaits in the league semifinals.


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