The Guaguas caresses the trophy

The Guaguas came out very plugged from the first second. Unbeatable staging at the start of the crash. Partial 6-1 that turned on the red light on the visiting bench, which was unsuccessfully consuming its first time out. In the return, the Andalusians received a severe correction that forced the coach to stop the game again with 14-6.

Vigil and Fornés were trying to keep Unicaja alive, but the yellow square was unleashed in attack. With Pablo Kukartsev, Hage and Moisés Cezar implacable, they closed the first round on the fast track with a huge 25-17 that gave them the first advantage of the match (1-0).

Unicaja seemed to recover sensations at the start of the second set, with Iribarne, Fornés and Jiménez trying to keep their team in the ointment. But it did not take long to see how the Guaguas opened a small gap of three points thanks to the forcefulness of Kukartsev and Hage, which led Belenguer to request a timeout at 8-5.

The Almeria were risking and that translated into more mistakes of their own, while the Guaguas did not forgive and also added Matt Knigge to the cause to force the verdillos to spend their last time-out with a 15-9 on the scoreboard of the Insular Center .

Hellish rhythm

The Guaguas printed an infernal rhythm in the final stretch of this second round, minimizing the virtues of an Almería that again gave up as it had in the first round with the same figures, 25-17, doubling the advantage of the Gran Canaria on the scoreboard. (2-0).

The squad led by Sergio Miguel Camarero started third in the same way. They got a 3-0 start that forced Unicaja to row against the current. The islanders, launched in the attack by Kukartsev and a Paulo Renan who endorsed two consecutive points to his rival, led Berenguel to have to stop the clock with a 7-3 on the scoreboard.

The time-out seemed to be a great fit for the visitors, who found in Iribarne and Vigil the leaders they needed to present battle to a team from Gran Canaria who saw how their opponent placed the equal 18 on the scoreboard. Faced with this, Sergio Miguel Camarero exercised his right to time-out to nip his rival's new positive inertia.

The Guaguas stepped on the accelerator and Unicaja could not keep up with the pace imposed by the Gran Canaria, who closed the victory on the fast track after also winning this third round. Moisés Cezar was in charge of certifying the final 25-20 on the scoreboard to make it 3-0 in the second game of the final series for the Men's Super League title, remaining just one game away to make the dream come true. to conquer the second title of the season of the return to the competition, after lifting the Cup.

“The team from the first minute was very mentalized. We knew that this game was going to be much more important if possible than the first, because it gave us the necessary peace of mind to go to the third match in Almería knowing that we can close or we can lose, because they are a great team; Another final awaits us on a complicated court ”, analyzed Pablo Kukartsev.

Guaguas 3

Unicaja Costa Almeria 0

CV Guaguas: Paulo Renan Bertassoni (2), Jorge Almansa (5), Matt Knigge (7), Pablo Kukartsev (22), Guilherme Hage (13), Moisés Cezar (4) and Alejandro Fernández (L). Also played: Stefano Nassini. Unicaja Costa de Almería: Javier Jiménez (4), Alejandro Vigil (10), Ignacio Sánchez, Fran Iribarne (8), Miquel Ángel Fornés (5), Marlon Palharini (5) and Mario Ferrera (L). Also playing: Jean Diedhiou (4) and Esteban Villarreal.

Partial: 25-17, 25-17 and 25-20.

.Referees: Juan Mario Bernaola Sánchez and Rafael Tabares González.


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