Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

The GSMA advances its advice and will decide today if the Mobile is celebrated




The Mobile World Congress celebration is still in the air. The GSMA, organizer of the congress has decided today to advance its ordinary council where it will be decided if the Mobile is celebrated or not. Before the cascade of non-attendance by companies, the organization has informed that instead of Friday, the meeting will be held today at 2 pm.

This decision comes after Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and Rakuten today have decided not to attend the Barcelona congress. In the case of the German operator, Reuters reports that the decision will be made shortly. In addition, the agency also explains that it is possible for European operators to release a statement today. Such a step, if confirmed, would give a blow to the celebration of the MWC, which traditionally attracts 100,000 visitors to Barcelona, ​​since European operators are founding members of the GSMA industry association that organizes the event.


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