February 26, 2021

The growth of the arrival of tourists and their spending moderates until May

Spain received in the first five months of the year 29.3 million international tourists, who spent 30,684 million euros, moderating their growth to 2.7% and 3.7%, respectively, compared to the same period of 2018, after a 1.6% drop in arrivals during May.

According to the acting Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, this is "very positive" data that predict that the summer season that has begun "will also be positive".

However, for the director of Conjuncture and Economy of Funcas, Raymond Torres, is "an important slowdown" and, in addition, the forecasts for the season as a whole based on the reserves indicate that the intentions are not very good for the summer.

In his opinion, Spain has many tourists from Germany, north of Europe the United Kingdom, with a very pronounced slowdown, while there are competing markets, especially Turkey, which has "a cheaper offer and also in good condition lately".

Not all our competitors have recovered and there are still countries that suffer this instability, such as Tunisia, "which is a small detour to Spain," he added on Tuesday in statements to EFE.

In May, the arrival of tourists to Spain broke with eight consecutive months to the rise, weighed down by the decline registered in the three main markets (United Kingdom, Germany and France).

On the other hand, spending maintained a positive evolution, although its rise of 0.5%, to 8,195 million euros, was the weakest in recent months, according to surveys of Tourist Movements in Border (Frontur) and Tourism Expenditure (Egatur) of the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The daily expenditure per person rose by 9.5% (163 euros), but the duration of the trip was reduced by 6.7%, to 6.3 days, with which the average expenditure per tourist advanced less, a 2, 2% (1,030 euros).

The same trend is observed in the data accumulated up to May, which shows a 6.6% increase in daily spending (152 euros) and a 5.2% fall in the duration of the trip (6.9 days), with what the average cost per tourist advanced only 1.1% (1,064 euros).

The United Kingdom continues to be the main source of tourists to Spain, with 6.3 million until May, equaling last year's figure, followed by Germany, with more than 4 million, 1.9% more, and France, with 3 , 7 million, 4.6% less.

The first two countries lead the ranking by expense, with 5,802 million euros (2.9% more) and 4,008 million (0.5% more), respectively, while in third place are the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), which, with 2.591 million (6.6% less), slightly surpass France (2.298 million, 1.3% less).

The Nordic countries also show the highest average expenditure per tourist and the newspaper among the main European source markets until May, with 1,204 euros (0.7% less) and 145 euros (4.3% more), respectively , and France the smaller one (with 616 and 97 euros).

The issuing market that grew the most in the volume of tourists during the first five months of the year was Russia, 17.1% (394,042), followed by the United States, 14.1% (1.13 million); Portugal, 12.4% (868,180), and Italy, 10.5% (1.62 million).

Catalonia attracted 6.7 million foreign tourists between January and May, 2.6% more; Canary Islands, to 5.7 million (2.1% less), and Andalusia to 4.4 million (6.2% more), while the Community of Madrid was where their arrivals grew the most, 10.1% ( 3.2 million).

This last community was also the region with the highest increase in total tourism spending, 18.2% (4,048 million euros), although in absolute terms it was behind the Canary Islands, with 7,115 million (2.5% more) ; Catalonia (6.851 million, 5.6% more) and Andalusia (4.302 million, 2% less).

The first emitting markets of the Community of Madrid are America and the rest of the world, while the rest of the main regions of destination depend on the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Regarding the main reason for the trip, the growth of 28.5% of the businesses stands out in May – taking into account the high average daily expenditure of this type of tourists (228 euros) – although, in the accumulated until that month, its rise is moderated to 0.2% (2.2 million).

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