September 30, 2020

The group that attacked the North Korean embassy says that prepares a "great action"

The group that attacked the North Korean embassy says that prepares a "great action"

The opposition group that attributes the attack to the North Korean embassy in Madrid said today that it is preparing a "great action" and urged the media to respect the anonymity of its members and to publish only "verified" details about the organization.

"Now we are preparing ourselves for a great action, until that moment we will remain silent, like the calm before the storm," explained Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD) with the cryptic style that characterizes the messages published on its website.

The mysterious organization added in the message, written in Korean, that many articles published on CCD contain elements that "are not true" and asked the press to respect the anonymity of its members and "publish only facts that have been verified."

In this regard, he assured that he has not had contact with North Korean deserters living in South Korea and urged the media not to "trust the refugees who talk about Free Joseon (the new name the group recently adopted) or those who they pass as members "of the organization.

South Korean media have published pieces in which North Korean defectors have claimed to maintain contact with CCD and have offered details about their alleged activities.

The message of the opposition group comes a day after North Korea spoke for the first time about the attack on its embassy in Madrid, which occurred on February 22.

Pyonyang described the assault as a "serious terrorist attack" and demanded a thorough investigation from the Spanish authorities to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

During the attack, which last week was claimed by CCD, the embassy staff was bound and beaten for about five hours by a group of 10 men who entered the premises and stole computer equipment before fleeing, according to the car. judicial issued by the Spanish National Court.

The judge in charge of the investigation has requested the United States, where the suspects of the attack are located, the extradition of the two people (both of Korean origin and with Mexican and American passports, respectively) whom they consider to be leaders of the group.

The CCD group, which appeared in the network for the first time in 2017 and has not yet clarified what was the objective of the attack on the embassy, ​​has claimed to be behind the rescue of North Koreans threatened by the regime and has come to proclaim a government in exile.


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