The green rate focuses the debate of the Atlantic Logistics and Transport Exhibition

Sebastian Francois. / c7

On June 17, it will bring together experts and specialists in the field in different locations in Gran Canaria and Tenerife

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The Minister of Public Works and Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands,
sebastian francis, has inaugurated the Atlantic Logistics and Transport Show SALT 2022, which returns with the
green rate among its main issues after four years without being held.

This initiative will bring
until June 17 to experts and specialists in the field in different locations of
Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Franquis has told journalists that he is
"to celebrate" that after four years this multisectoral transport meeting returns, which in the Canary Islands is

The purpose of the room is
"analyze and deepen" on transport and logistics in the autonomous community, in a "key" context, and address "the specific situation of the Canary Islands as an outermost region and the deadlines that must be adapted to the reality of the community", indicated the counselor.

Maritime and air transport "play a very important role in uniting the territory and for the main activity in the Canary Islands, tourism", and he pointed out that the debate is
"positive results" in the emissions directive or green tax that will begin to be discussed in September.

He welcomed the advances in the Strategy for the Outermost Regions (RUP) proposed in Martinique because it is "essential" that the Canary Islands and the other
outermost territories "have a special treatment to fight against climate change".

In his opinion, "there are reasons that justify a
different calendar and it is being achieved«.

These conferences take place when the green pact policy is being debated, and at a time when it is necessary to achieve
advances in digitization «to modernize the sector and place it in its rightful place», Franquis stressed.

Atlantic Logistics and Transport Exhibition SALT 2022 brings together public and private economic sectors to "coordinate strategies that have to be carried out", as well as to "help renew the public sector fleet in accordance with the forecasts and agreements of Spain and Europe".

For Francois,
JUMP It will be "a platform to define and coordinate strategy for the future."

The president of the Canarian Transport and Logistics Cluster (organizer of the event), Fernando Davara, has stressed the same idea because, in his opinion, "everything related to the
commitment that we have assumed of reducing emissions is especially relevant but the Canary Islands«, has warned that it has »a differentiating fact and specificities that have to be contemplated«.

Land transport and especially maritime and air transport "is very efficient" but in relation to emissions "we must
talk and advanceadapt to reality«, because »there is technology and aspects to improve and introduce to adapt to the circumstances«.

He assured that the sector is committed to the
climate change and digitization, and that while "travelers were previously counted, now the challenge is to respond efficiently, to travelers and also to operators".

energy efficiency "It has been established as the paradigm to which we walk and where the other policies are supported", explained Davara.

In his opinion, the key to the sector in the future «passes through the digitization of companies, the improvement of processes, modernization and the commitment that we have, so that it is
translated into policies and aspects that are achievable« and thus »translate the commitment and the directive into reality«.

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