"The greed pandemic is more contagious than the coronavirus"

Alburquerque (Badajoz), May 07 (EFE) .- The writer Luis Landero has indicated that "the barbarity of money, the desire for consumption, ambition and greed" are "a more contagious pandemic than the coronavirus", because " it has become generalized and it is thought that happiness depends on money ", something, he asserted," very sad. "

The Albuquerqueño writer, based in Madrid, has expressed himself this way during the act this Friday of the ruling and delivery of the XXXI "Luis Landero" Short Story Awards organized by the IES "Castillo de Luna", from Alburquerque (Badajoz), and in which 555 Spanish and Latin American high school students have participated.

Every year the event has the presence of the writer who gives its name to the contest, although this time he did it by videoconference to excuse his presence due to the pandemic (he is waiting to receive the second dose of the vaccine).

Landero has referred to the winning works. "High school students tell crude stories of the difficult reality we live in", but the little ones, those in the Infantile category, write "stories full of tenderness, happier, this is because older people have already discovered that we live in an unfair world, part of a world and a species that we hope will one day get better. "

Faced with "the barbarism of money, the craving for consumption, ambition and greed", which are "a more contagious pandemic than that of the coronavirus", the writer recalled his childhood and youth: "There was a time that was different, that I knew, that of good conformity, which contains a philosophy of life, of vital wisdom ".

"We settled for little to be happy, with a zest for living, a wise way, a more supportive and authentic life, which did not imply the need to consume to be happy," Landero added, to conclude: "I hope this pandemic frees us that we suffer from the pandemic of greed and stupidity. "

Together with the Extremaduran writer, who will be the preacher of the Badajoz Book Fair on May 28, they have participated in the act, held at the "Luis Landero" House of Culture, the Secretary General of Education of the Board, Francisco Javier Amaya, and the mayor of Alburquerque, Marisa Murillo, among other authorities.

In the event, developed with the appropriate health and safety measures, the prizes of the previous edition, that of 2020, were also presented, whose delivery ceremony was not held due to the pandemic.

The rules establish a first prize of 600 euros and two second prizes of 250 euros each, as well as the publication of these winning stories by the Plan for the Promotion of Reading of the Junta de Extremadura.

Of the total of 555 stories, 286 have participated in the general category and 269 in the Infant category, for students of the first two years of ESO.

The first prize of the XXX edition has gone to Rodrigo Berzal Salgado, from Cercedilla (Madrid), while that of the XXXI edition has gone to María Sánchez Carrasco, from the IES "Santa Eulalia" in Mérida.


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