The Greco-Turkish land border dawns in relative calm

The land border between Greece and Turkey has dawned in relative calm, after intense fighting between security forces in both countries on Saturday.

In the early hours of Sunday there have been no attempts to cross the border by migrants and refugees, nor the launch of tear gas by both border police, said local media in the area.

On Saturday there were 1,401 attempts to cross the border illegally and 12 arrests of people who succeeded, according to the official report of the Greek government published this morning.

The detainees are five citizens of Pakistan, an Afghan, a Senegalese, a Gambian, a citizen of Mali, a Nigerian, an Iraqi and a Turk.

Meanwhile, according to ministerial sources, Greece is preparing to expand the fence that separates this country from Turkey in the Evros river area.

Sources of the Ministry of Defense have indicated that work will begin shortly and the plan is to install about 40 kilometers of fence. Currently, the gate has an extension of 12.5 kilometers.

The extension will be carried out in areas where the level of Evros is low or the land is dry, in order to avoid crossing attempts in those areas.


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