The greats of the Ibex, exemplary 'citizens'

The role of companies in today's society is much broader than that of a production unit: The 'I Evercom Report on Corporate Citizenship', prepared together with the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) measures the role as 'citizens' of 400 Spanish companies (Ibex 35, Continuous Market and a selection of companies from various sectors) with more than 50 million euros in turnover, through elements such as corporate transparency, relational capital (the relationship with civil society), civic engagement and behavior. Two conclusions: The Ibex 35 companies achieve an approved scraping and are at the forefront in this area. By sectors there is a greater commitment as 'citizens' in finance and insurance, although the electricity companies that are listed on the Ibex enjoy very high positions in this ranking. What for the director of the report and professor of Sociology of the Company of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) Roberto Barbeito and the CEO of Evercom Alberte Santos may be due to the greater public scrutiny to which they are subjected. Specifically, out of a total score of 107 points, all show a low score, although finance and insurance achieve 25.07 points compared to 16.36 for transport and 14.31 for manufacturing industries. The average Spanish score is around 30 points out of 100. ACS, the best 'corporate citizen' The best 'corporate citizen' is the construction group ACS that leads the ranking, whether invoicing is adopted as a reference or if we consider the origin of the sample (Ibex 35, Continuous Market or selection of unlisted companies). With a score of 77 out of a possible maximum of 107. They are followed by Holcim Investments (Spain) with 76 points, Enagás 73 points, Iberdrola 69 points, Alantra Partners 67 points, Liberbank 67 points, Naturgy 64 points, Acerinox 64 points and Inditex Logística 64 points, among other diverse companies. In any case, in the top 10 practically all of them are listed on the selective. For Roberato Barbeito, Professor of Business Sociology at Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), "corporate citizenship goes beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)." In particular, an index like this should serve “as a stimulus for improvement. We now have a stronger foundation to know what to improve and how to achieve it. ' Criteria evaluated To do this, they have been based on the information found on the corporate website of each company analyzed and on considering four indicators: that of 'corporate transparency' (whether or not they provide detailed information on their governance, activity and structure) where they stand out. companies such as Alantra Partners with a score of 56 points out of a maximum of 70, Pharma Mar with 54 points and Prisa with the same score. They have also considered other indicators such as 'relational capital' (link with civil society), where companies such as ACS stand out with 8 points out of 10, Acciona with the same score and Acerinox with 7 points; as well as 'civic behavior' (civic awareness: business ethics, awareness of the environment and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) in which companies such as ACS stand out with 6 points out of 6 possible, Holcim Investments with the highest score and Acciona with the same brand, and 'civic behavior' (solidarity actions, CSR and whether or not there is a results evaluation plan) where it is highlighted on a maximum score of 21 Holcim Investments (14), Iberdrola (14) and Ence ( 14). A matter of size Size does matter because the highest scores progressively increase as the weight of each company increases: those that invoice between 50 and 100 million euros obtain an average score of 107 out of 12.07 points, while those that enter between 200 and 400 million obtained a note of 18.97 points and those with between 400 and 800 million of turnover the score reaches 22.17 points. Curiously, those with the highest income - over 800 million - achieve a score of 17.87 points. .

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