"The greatness of Picasso's work overrides other issues"

The Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, has assured in the presentation of the acts of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, in 2023, that "the greatness of his work overcomes other issues". In this way he has resolved the unavoidable question in the treatment of an artist in which women were an "obsession", as Jean Clair, former director of the Picasso Museum in Paris, has explained.

Spain and France fight again for Picasso 50 years later

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Along with Iceta and in front of Guernica, at the Reina Sofía Museum, the French Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, has indicated that the only exhibition that will present the relationship between Picasso and his lovers will take place at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. In the celebration organized with Franco-Spanish collaborationFrance will not pay attention to the matter either in any exhibition, but in some conference.

In her speech, the French minister assured that we must “be honest”: “Today there are many debates about the reception of Picasso's work, and in particular about his relationship with women. In order to lead the younger generations towards his art, we must provide keys to understanding and open spaces for exchange to encompass the whole of Picasso's work. To show all the facets, all the possible ways of reading it”.

At the press conference, the newspaper El País asked the ministers if they do not see a "risk" in "confusing their life with their work", to which Rima Abdul Malak replied that "it is normal that these questions arise" because they are necessary “to understand the creative process”. Although she has clarified that the work can have many readings and "we cannot reduce all of her work to her relationship with women." “Picasso was very important in the construction of European values. I am a feminist, but we cannot cover up all of his work because of this aspect, ”the minister has claimed.

Separate life and work

At the insistence of questions about the gender perspective to deal with Picasso's work, Miquel Iceta has asked himself: “Can life be separated from the work? I do not think so. But that cannot prevent us from approaching the work either”, he has tried to explain in an erratic speech, in which he has assured one thing and the opposite of him. In the text read from him, he has recognized that Picasso represents cruelty, violence, passion, its excesses and its contradictions. And he has added, out of speech, that "Picasso is a person daughter of his time, who loved passion." And he has acknowledged that during the meetings held by the Commissioner — chaired by Carlos Alberdi, replacing José Guirao — the matter has been discussed. It has been preferred, says Iceta, "not to make decisions to close it." In view of the program, they have not wanted to open it either.

In any case, both ministers have clarified that they believe in the debate on the complexity of the work, despite the fact that neither of the two countries has proposed an exhibition in the 42 acts to question it. The Spanish State will contribute three million euros (and Telefónica will match the contribution). The French minister has avoided giving a figure that would allow comparing the investments of both countries. In total, there will be 38 institutions from Europe and the United States and, as the painter's grandson, Bernard Picasso, has indicated, there are 600 loans that will travel to all the centers from the family legacy and the Picasso Museum in Paris. Bernard Picasso himself has approved the question about the relationship between his grandfather and women. “It seems to me an open debate. I am very interested in the question that his work raises: who are we and how are we going to fight it”, he responded to the journalists who have asked him if “it bothers him that his grandfather is now being treated as an abuser”.

Despite being a capital axis in the artist's creative process, there will be no references to it. The professor of art history, Estrella de Diego, has already advanced it in this newspaper: “It is not easy to find a way to celebrate Picasso 50 years later”Said the curator of the Picasso exhibition. Faces and Figures, at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This Monday, De Diego offered a conference on the artist from Malaga at the Prado Museum and has never hidden the difficulty of dealing with "an extraordinary artist without forgetting that he was an abuser."

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