September 26, 2020

The greatest supporters of the Queen Sofa in Mallorca – The Province

Queen Sofia is living a quiet but complicated summer with don Juan Carlos questioned and the increasingly fragile family unit. It must be remembered that a few days ago the presence of the king emeritus in United Arab Emirates and, finally, his whereabouts were known.

The emerita has not starred in any of her outings in Palma this year with Felipe, Letizia and neither with her granddaughters Leonor and Sofía, a picture that used to be repeated every year on more than one occasion. After two weeks without leaving Marivent and with the Kings back at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, last Wednesday was the first day that she could be seen in Palma. Sofía was accompanied by three people she trusted most, on whom she relied on during these difficult times: her sister Irene from Greece, her friend Tatiana Radziwill and her husband, Dr. Jean Henry Fruchaud.

The queen was able to enjoy a walk through some of the most central areas of Palma and even have a drink with them in a cafeteria located in the Paseo del Born.

The last time the Queen was seen and photographed (It was also the first to be seen after learning that Don Juan Carlos had left the country) was last August 5 while he was shopping at El Corte Inglés in Jaime III and at The Body Shop on Sant Miquel Street.

The following days he took refuge in Marivent. And he did not accompany the Kings to any act on their agenda and there were no leisure outings either. A strategy of Casa Real that seems to have left Doña Sofía removed from her usual role when Felipe, Letizia and their daughters come to spend their holidays in Mallorca. A significant change to which the emerita seems to have reacted by going out for a walk and sitting on a terrace in the heart of Born, seeking the recognition of the citizens, who undoubtedly photographed her and even talked to her.

Sofia’s relationship with Princess Tatiana Ratziwill goes back a long way, from when they were children. Tatiana is the granddaughter of Prince Jorge of Greece, cousin of Doña Sofía’s father. They met in childhood, as the Nazi invasion forced the exile of her family. In this case, to South Africa, where Tatiana’s parents were already there. There she began a friendship that has lasted a lifetime and that has been one of its fundamental pillars, and more so in moments like this.

Tatiana has accompanied the Queen in several of her most important moments of life: the first meeting with Don Juan Carlos on the Agamenon cruise and her wedding in Athens, of which she was a maid of honor. Tatiana married in 1966 with Dr. Jean Henry Fruchaud, a prestigious French cardiologist. In summer they usually settle in the Marivent palace, especially since Juan Carlos I and Sofía live separately.


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