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The UD Great Tarajal adds and continues in this beginning of the Canary group of the Third Division and there are already four days that chains without losing the whole of Juan Carlos Ruiz Coka. On this occasion, the majoreros rescued in the final stretch of the contest a point of Maspalomas (2-2). Caliche, of penalty, and Iván, in the lengthening, matched the two goals of advantage enjoyed by Mingo Oramas footballers, through Andrés and Quintero, the latter also from the fateful point.

As soon as the game started, Quintero headed a center of Maykel high. At a quarter of an hour, San Fernando was ahead on the scoreboard with a play in which Andrés headed a foul thrown by Echedey Mayor, rejecting the ball by the majorero Agoney butcher, but the ball returned to Andrés himself, who only had to push it to the net.

Next, the Great Tarajal reacted with a free direct launched by David Figueroa, who left high. In the final stretch of the first half, the goal of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana team, Fermín, was very quick to anticipate dangerous actions with Caliche and Héctor Figueroa as protagonists. The match came to pass through changing rooms with the minimum advantage in favor of the Mingo Oramas team (1-0).

In the second half, Juan Carlos Ruiz's footballers Coka They were much better against a San Fernando, who dedicated himself to controlling the times of the game. Shortly after starting the second period, those of Tuineje were able to match the contest with a dangerous shot from Caliche, after the service of Héctor Figueroa, who left adjusted to the stick of the Grancanaria goal.

In the 60th minute, a powerful shot of Caliche by repelled with the Fermin body. On the next play, the Gran Quanario did not connect a header, by centimeters, after a center of Fuli to the second post. In a row, the San Fernando stroked the 2-0 again, with a shot from Abraham, who broke it, with an excellent intervention, the visiting goal Agoney.

The insistence of those of Maspalomas had its fruits with the second goal of the morning, work of Quintero, who did not fail from eleven meters to materialize a maximum penalty per hand within the area of ​​the majorero Adargoma.

It seemed that the game was well on track for San Fernando, but the majoreros did not lower their arms and shortened distances in the 85th minute, with a penalty marked by Caliche, after a shot down by Andrés on Iván. Already in the lengthening, the Fuerteventura team took a draw with a stub from Iván, at the exit of a corner kick.

Data sheet:

San Fernando (2): Fermin; Andrés, Fran Ramírez, Stephane, Echedey Mayor, Maykel, Navas (Abraham, 35 '), Pablo Santana, Quintero (Ayoze, 84'), Fuli (German Kilian, 81 ') and Álex Ojeda.

Great Tarajal (2): Agoney; Carlos, David Digueroa, Adargoma, Raúl (Richard, 11 '), Iván, Samuel (Óscar, 66'), Abraham, Héctor Figueroa, Caliche and Borja (Aaron, 46 ').

Goals: 1-0.- (15 '): Andrés; 2-0.- (68 '): Quintero, of penalty; 2-1.- (85 '): Caliche, of penalty; 2-2.- (93 '): Iván.

Referee: Yapci Acosta Pérez. He admonished Echedey Mayor and Andrés to the locals and visitors to Richard, Adargoma, Samuel and Óscar.

Incidents: Municipal of Maspalomas. Artificial grass in good conditions. Hot morning. The meeting was attended by about 200 spectators.

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