"The great opportunity is now"

A month and a half ago Marck Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be renamed Meta and that his priority would no longer be the social network, but the metaverse. The idea of ​​a digital world is not something that was born this October, but this date will be marked on the technological calendar. Well as the definitive accolade to an idea that both he and other technology companies had already been developing for a long time; Well, it is a commitment to a development that promises a lot at a time whose future seemed uncertain.

"The great opportunity is now", says Hugo Albornoz, CEO of Mediabrands Content Studio, an agency of the IPG Mediabrands group in Spain, in conversation with elDiario.es. When Zuckerberg made his announcement, they had been pondering for months how to "break through" in this new universe. Now, they have just launched a new business unit called 'Metabrands', the first to start up extended reality projects in Spain in the advertising, marketing and communication sectors.

"For a time, every two years we had to mutate our services, because new platforms or devices were coming out, but for six years it did not seem to us that there was a great technological revolution," he explains. That great revolution, he says, has now arrived with the metaverse and its objective is to position itself in that new world, to which other multinationals such as Nike or Gucci have already joined. "When an innovation revolutionizes the market, its acceleration is so brutal that whoever is not inside from the beginning can be totally outside," he says.

"Our big bet is mixed reality, how the digital layer is going to converge with the real world", explains Albornoz. "Any store that works online will work directly in 3D, with a much more playful shopping experience. On a flat web, when you improve the user experience, sales go up. Imagine in 3D, where the experience is entertaining and brands can sell things and services in a more natural and less intrusive way ", he develops.

"A one way race"

"Brands had their corporate channels on Facebook or Instagram; then we went to TikTok, where they had to be with content; and on Twitch it is much more complicated. In the metaverse, brands can be their own content and the platform that makes their audiences be inside ", develops the manager. In his opinion, this moment has similarities with the context in which companies launched their first web pages, opened their profiles on social networks or created their applications. "At that time it did not seem important, but generating that community, over time, was an advantage" because it is "a one-way race," he says.

The metaverse is a virtual universe that goes beyond the physical world and in which users can interact with each other through avatars, go to concerts, activities, go shopping or work. Albornoz gives as an example the Fortnite, a video game that has become popular in recent years and in which users can talk to each other through their avatars, go to concerts of famous artists or buy clothes or weapons (virtual) for the games.

At the moment, the metaverse is limited to the devices through which it could be accessed. "We are in the prehistory of what mixed reality is going to be," says the manager, whose company is working two years away. Professionals are pinning their hopes on the launch of the virtual reality glasses Apple is working on. "Everything indicates that if it is not this fall, it will be the next one," explains Albornoz, who also points out that "today there is already light glasses hardware, which are practically like wearing sunglasses."

To pioneer the Metaverse, Metabrand has launched four areas of transformation. On the one hand, they intend to grow their clients' business through a line of work focused on the innovation of spaces and cities. On the other, through the creation of mixed reality entertainment. The third area is the creation of content with influencers in this new context. And finally, another line that will put the photo on navigation and consumption.


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